10 anti-fatigue tips to boost your energy

3 anti-fatigue reflexes to adopt in the morning

  • Vigorous breathing when getting out of bed. Standing with your legs bent, your hands resting on your knees, bring your chin to your chest. Inhale for three seconds, then exhale rapidly, contracting your abdominals. Repeat 10 times to irrigate the brain well and relax the solar plexus.
  • Hand rubbing. Rub hands together until warm, then massage all finger joints. Finish by stretching each finger to activate the energy flows.
  • Un exercice de qi gong. Standing with your arms at your sides, breathe in slowly through your nose, raising your arms up above your head, palms facing the sky. Raise your heels, then lower your arms while exhaling, palms facing down, and rest your heels. Repeat 5 times to wake up all the meridians.

Rhodiola to regain morale

This medicinal plant gives a real boost thanks to its appreciable content of caffeic acid, catechin and salidroside which increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, the anti-fatigue neurotransmitter par excellence. Several studies have shown that rhodiola also increases endurance and dulls mental fatigue linked to reduced motivation.

In practice. You can consume it in herbal tea (2 g of root for 250 ml of boiling water) or in capsules (360 mg per day for a month). Best taken in the morning or early afternoon. After 5 p.m., it can interfere with sleep.

Lemon beds to chase fatigue

The essential oil of this exotic verbena is both relaxing and stimulating. Diffused in the house, it promotes a better quality of sleep, helps to better manage stress, dispels dark thoughts and reinforces optimism.

In practice. Pour 2 to 4 drops of lemon beds essential oil in your diffuser (or in a cup of water placed near a heat source) and let their scents spread in each room for a few minutes, several times a day. To calm sudden anxiety, you can inhale the vial directly. Not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Mucuna to boost your brain

This pea known in Ayurvedic medicine stimulates vitality because it contains L-dopa, a substance that stimulates the production of dopamine. When it fails, the mood is gloomy and getting up in the morning becomes difficult.

In practice. Swallow one 200 mg dry extract capsule or two teaspoons of standardized fresh plant fluid extract (EPS) with lunch for three weeks. To be avoided in the event of hepatic or cardiovascular disorders.

Nettle to remineralize

This unparalleled fortifier is well supplied with vitamins A, B2, B5 and C, which invigorate. It also contains a plethora of minerals, including iron which improves blood oxygenation and silica which tones the organs and joints.

In practice. It can be consumed in soup (its taste is somewhat reminiscent of spinach) or in herbal tea: boil two handfuls of dried leaves in 1 liter of water for 5 min, let infuse 10 minutes off the heat, then filter before drinking. . Four cups a day for 3 weeks.

Flax seeds to fill up with omega-3s

These tiny seeds with a nutty flavor are full of good fatty acids, including 50% omega-3 which strengthens intellectual capacities. They also deliver iron, magnesium and potassium which fights against the acidity of the body, source of fatigue.

In practice. Consume a tablespoon per day of ground seeds, on white meat or mixed with a compote. You can also incorporate them into a homemade pie crust or bread.

Rosemary tea against sluggishness

This aromatic shrub dispels physical and mental fatigue. Its leaves contain active ingredients that protect the liver and oppose the degradation of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential for memory and concentration. Ideal to avoid itching during the day.

In practice. Infuse one to two tablespoon of rosemary in ¼ liter of boiling water for 10 minutes. Three cups a day for 2 to 3 weeks. Not recommended in case of intestinal inflammation.

Self-massage that recharges the batteries

Stimulating certain points along the energetic meridians immediately invigorates. The one located under the root of the nose, in the hollow of the dimple of the upper lip, is one of the most energizing.

In practice. Apply medium pressure on this point for several seconds, at least five times in a row, to overcome fatigue. This gesture is saving because it can be done anywhere, even in transport or in the office.

Against fatigue, you have to move!

Contrary to popular belief, the more you move, the less tired you feel. An American study from the University of Georgia published in Physiology & Behavior has shown that going up and down the stairs several times for ten minutes in a row energizes more than a full-bodied coffee.

How to regain energy with Chinese medicine?

The expert’s opinion: Nicolas Rouig, practitioner in Chinese medicine and co-author of I regain my energy (ed. Puf) and The practical guide to Chinese medicine (ed. Hachette) :Spring is the season for energy renewal and projects. At this time of year, we often tend to be scattered. To protect yourself against stress, you have to calm things down and refocus on your priorities. Chinese medicine recommends channeling this spring energy by meditating a little each day. It is enough to close your eyes for a few minutes in the morning and ask yourself what is really important to you in life. This transitional season between winter and summer is also linked to the liver. To maintain good energy, it is therefore better to spare this organ by limiting its consumption of meat, industrial products and fruit juice. Many of us are also tired in the spring because we go to bed too late to start enjoying the extended day length. However, at this season, we need to go to bed early and get up early in order to keep pace with the sun’s course. Walking in parks or gardens, or playing sports outdoors in the afternoon, also allows you to recharge the energy of spring “.

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