10 best nude lipsticks: a fan’s choice

Lena has nude lipsticks of almost all brands represented in Russia, and even a little foreign. These are favorites.
Probably my mother influenced my love for nude lipsticks. Once a year, on vacation, she bought herself all the cosmetics she needed. A complete set that should have lasted until next summer. In this set, in addition to foundation and other things, there were two lipsticks. Red is for special events. Caramel nude – for every day. Missing a tint would be an irreversible mistake. We lived, like everyone else in the mid-late 1990s – within our means. Rather, by their absence. So my mother tried on lipsticks for a long time, about an hour, in order to find “the same nude”, and then she really did make up with it every day. And after the stick was erased to the base, it could be used for another month or two, if you get out the remnants with a lip brush. In general, it is not surprising why I am anxious – even with some tediousness – about the selection of shades. Although there is no need to look for one suitable for everything for a long time.
I have been wearing nude lipsticks for 16 years, and I realized:

  • If the “ideal nude” exists somewhere, then only in our heads-) In my freshman year, I was a fan of foundation-colored lipsticks. Then she bought up pastel pinks. And finally I began to pay attention to the brown sticks. I always thought, “well, who wears this,” but it turned out that when applied to the lips, most often it turns out what is needed. In short, I want to say: a nude lipstick that is perfect for hair / skin / eye color is the one that you like here and now. The rest is an extra mess.
  • If you want to precisely “wipe” the lips from the face, for this purpose you need not the lightest shade (as it seemed to me for a long time), but a neutral shade. You may have noticed an oddity: you put on pale lipstick and expect that now your eyes will seem huge, and all attention will be riveted on them. But it is not so. Quite the opposite. In contrast to the eyeshadow, the lip color suddenly turns pink / peach and overwhelms the eye. So, this will not happen with a lipstick of a neutral shade. In which there is approximately equal amount of warm (yellowish) and cold (pink) pigment. This is easy to define. Apply several to the wrist at once. It will be seen which lipsticks are frankly pink or caramel, and which ones are difficult to say so. Usually they are neutral.
  • Finding a good nude lipstick in the price range up to 800 rubles is more difficult than red or any other bright one. Purely according to statistics: from a huge box left after the experiment with the budget, I put three pieces in a prominent place, and this trio was included in the best. Typical problems for others are uneven coating, putty effect. Shades are often too straightforward. Choose between sand color or strawberry milkshake. Not that? Stands with “luxury” and “professional” next. I am inclined to believe that for nude lipstick it is better to go there.

I chose these lipsticks based on two criteria: a well-balanced color and good performance.

Left to right: Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris, L’Etoile, Romanovamakeup, Nars
From left to right: YSL, Tom Ford, Gucci, Lisa Eldridge, Pat McGrath Labs

Up to 600 rubles

Матовая: Superstay Ink Crayon, Maybelline

Shade 10 Trust Your Gut

My favorite budget lipstick at the moment. Saturated, overlays lip color in one thin layer. Persistent – but does not grasp tightly. Therefore, a) it is comfortable to walk in it, b) it is easy to correct. It is not necessary to erase the previous coating, since there is no border between the old and the new. The color is noble, dusty, but not a “corpse of the bride”.

Price: RUB 580 at the Rive Gauche.

Cream: Matte Addiction, L’Oreal Paris

Shade 633 Moka Chic

Classic. Does not dry / moisturize. Not matte / glossy. All that can be said about her is “just lipstick.” But the color is amazing.

Price: 640 RUB before discounts at Rive Gauche, with a card – 608 rubles.

Balsamic: Mon Cher Rouge, L’Etoile

Shade 201

The only one on the list whitens the lips a little. But he does it very correctly. Not like foundation. Characteristics are typical for lipstick-balms: it is not worn for long, but it is pleasantly felt on the lips. There is no bias in peach color (like on the swatch). Nice neutral beige.

Price: 598 r at L’Etoile.

Up to 1500 rubles

Matte and long-lasting: Sexy Lipstick Pen, Romanovamakeup

Shade Vintage Rose

This pink nude is awesomely refreshing and helps out when you don’t want to do a full make-up. Tone, eyebrows, lipstick – and no longer pale. It turns out very cool if you apply it thinner and pat it with your finger along the contour. As they say – “my lips, only better”? That’s it.

The texture is rather dry, but the durability is above average. I tint at most once during the day.

Price: 1400 RUB on the official site.

Cream: Audacious Lipstick, Nars

Shade Barbara

I made green smokey and couldn’t match lipstick to them in any way, but I don’t like it without it. Lips are spotty pink, bright, colored unevenly. She freaked out. I tried on everything and found a forgotten New Year’s set of Nars and this “Barbara”. Fitted in like a native. Later it turned out that it goes not only to green smoky – to everything. Just help out lipstick.

The Audacious Lipstick series was released five years ago, but its properties are not at all outdated. The color is bright, the coating is even, the lips do not dry out.

Price: 1274 RUB at L’Etoile.

More expensive than 2000 rubles

Liquid matte: Tatouage Couture, YSL

Shade 7

Another lipstick that goes with everything (by the way, the shade is close to the previous one). The coating comes out very thin. There is no feeling of cement on the lips. The applicator conquered! Probably the only way to get a curved path is to draw it with your eyes closed.

Price: RUB 3183 on the official site. Upon registration – 2387 rubles.

Cream: Lip Color, Tom Ford

Shade 04 Indian Rose

About Tom Ford lipsticks, I usually say: “I forgive everything for a beautiful color.” Indian Rose has nothing to forgive. Lies as it should – despite the fact that my lips are always dry. By a happy coincidence, of the brand’s nude shades, this one is the most beloved. By the way, it fits very coolly into the bronze make-up. It has become a habit: I take it out with the bronzer.

Price: 3825 RUB at L’Etoile.

Matte and comfortable: Rouge à Lèvres Mat, Gucci

Оттенок 201 The Painted Veil

This and the next two lipsticks are as similar as possible in characteristics. I think at least one of the three is worth trying. They are matte, but spread and feel like regular cream on the lips. The pigmentation is the highest, just top. The finish is powdery.

Swapped all the nude shades of Rouge à Lèvres Mat, and The Painted Veil seemed to be the most successful. Although what I say, I would take everything-)

Price: 3250 RUB at L’Etoile.

Matte & Comfort: True Velvet Lipstick Color, Lisa Eldridge

Velvet Muse

Lisa Eldridge told about Velvet Muse: “If this color were a scent, I would describe it like this: the top note is rose; heart notes – cedar, saffron, sandalwood; base notes are musk and wood. ” I realized what she meant when I received the package. The shade depends on the density of the lipstick application and lighting. Sometimes you look – a rose. And another time it seems that no, not her. In general, a complex well-mannered color. I use it when I want to emphasize the presence of lips on my face without resorting to red lipstick.

Price: 2680 RUB

Matte & Comfort: MatteTrance Lipstick, Pat McGrath Labs

Shade 1995

Both matte and creamy lipsticks Pat are super. For a long time I could not decide who to choose. I decided that 1995 is a little more versatile than Donatella, although I like both. By the way, the official website began to be delivered to Russia. Hooray!

Price: $ 40 on the official website.


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