10 easy-to-follow hairstyles for long hair

Cold weather suggests a change of wardrobe, in particular hats. Simple hairstyles under the cap are quite possible to bring to life. Easy styling, ponytail or braid is an alternative solution. In addition, there are many more interesting options:

  1. Light waves. The simplest and easiest styling is waves. For styling, it is enough to wind the curls, starting from the middle of the length. In this case, the wave can be light or large;
  2. Tail-plait. For unmanageable hair, a low or high tail is suitable. To execute it, you need to make a regular tail, dividing it into 2 equal parts, twisting it with each other. At the end, secure with an elastic band;
  3. Flashlight tail. It can be made high and low. To do this, you need to make an ordinary tail, retreating a small distance from it with an elastic band. Continue similar actions along the entire length at a distance of 5-7 cm. At the end, the resulting “bumps” can be slightly fluffed;
  4. Volumetric braid. This is a low hairstyle. You need to braid a regular braid, having previously released the front strands (for beauty). Fluff the braid itself, fixing it with varnish or invisibility;
  5. Fishtail braid. A difficult option for weaving braids. It is necessary to divide the hair into 2 equal parts, gradually weave one side into the other. Weaving takes place like a cross to a cross. The best result on thin hair is to fluff up the tail, on thick hair – weak weaving;
  6. French braid to one side. Suitable for any density. All hair is not involved in weaving. The French braid itself is voluminous, it is woven from one side, starting from the forehead to the back of the head, weaving hair from these zones into a braid. The hat will slightly press down the hairstyle, but it is easy to fix it – by slightly fluffing it up;
  7. Malvinka with a voluminous braid. Malvinka – weaving plaits from both sides into the tail. A hairstyle with a voluminous braid is easy: an ordinary Malvinka is fixed with an elastic band, and from it begins weaving a regular or French braid. At the end, you can fluff the braid;
  8. Malvinka with braiding. The same Malvinka, only with a fishtail weave. Optionally, you can fluff up the hairstyle a little at the end;
  9. Light negligence. Twist strands of hair randomly around your finger. The resulting waves should be stabbed with invisible ones or collected in a bundle. For better fixation, you can use hairspray;
  10. Ponytail with a plait. Starting from the occipital region, braid the tourniquet, fixing it with an elastic band. Choose a strand from the tail, which you want to twist the hair at the base, as if replacing the elastic band.

Any of these hairstyles looks great on long hair. With a slight deformation after wearing the headdress, it is enough to fluff the strands and weaving.


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