10 foods to detoxify the body

Every morning we wash and brush our teeth thoroughly to look neat and get rid of harmful germs. But did you know that our body also needs cleaning? The fact is that after the breakdown of food, toxins and harmful substances remain in the digestive tract, which must be removed. The situation is aggravated by poor ecology, the release of chemicals into the environment and the production of unnatural products. All this negatively affects our health, so it is worth taking care of the detoxification of the body. We have compiled a list of the top 10 cleansing products.


The fiber of apples has a high content of pectin and other useful substances, they help to remove toxins and cleanse the body. In addition, apples have a positive effect on the work of digestion, strengthen the immune system and saturate our body with vitamins B and K. Add apples to your diet, and you will start to feel completely different.


Onions help to flush out toxins through the skin. It cleanses the intestines well and improves the digestive tract. And due to the high content of disulfides and trisulfides, onions have antimicrobial and antitumor properties. If you have a low appetite, or your digestion is not absorbing nutrients well, eat chunks of onions often.


Most detox diets are based on lemon consumption. It has a high content of citric acid, which, when it enters the body, dissolves and neutralizes accumulated toxins. Thanks to this, the body is cleansed, and we begin to feel better. Unfortunately, not all people are able to eat lemons, so we advise you to periodically add a little citric acid to a glass of water. You can season snacks, tea, honey, etc. with this juice.

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Kaput contains sulforaphane, a substance that helps get rid of toxins in the body and fights cancer cells and harmful chemicals. In addition, cabbage, even for vegetables, is low in calories, so nutritionists advise those who want to lose weight to eat it.


This product contains antioxidants that help detoxify. In addition, ginger is rich in immune-boosting elements. But eating the root of a vegetable itself is very difficult, and not tasty. Therefore, we recommend cutting the fruit into several pieces and adding it to the juicer. The prepared juice is very beneficial and has detoxifying properties.


The fruit contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that improves digestion and removes toxins from the rectum. Did you know that pineapple is high in fiber? With just one slice, our body receives 10% of the daily value of this substance, so we recommend adding this fruit to your diet.

Green tea

Well, many have heard about the detox properties of green tea. This drink is often positioned as a dietary drink, because it improves the functioning of the digestive system and fights overweight. It also contains valuable catechins, they normalize the functioning of our liver.


We recommend that you eat celery regularly. It is a natural diuretic that removes toxins and toxins well and normalizes the electrolyte balance in the body. This fruit helps with constipation, heartburn, flatulence and stomach cramps.


Cooking nutritious borscht will not do without fresh beets, because it contains betaine – this substance removes toxins from the liver and normalizes the functioning of this organ. Beets also rejuvenate the body by improving the condition of hair, nails and skin.


In order to cleanse the organs of toxins, it is enough to eat more carrots. It normalizes the digestive tract and cleanses the kidneys from accumulated chemicals and harmful substances. Also, the vegetable is high in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which moisturize the skin, help to obtain an even and beautiful tan and repair damaged cells. But eating carrots in their pure form is not always tasty. We advise you to prepare a carrot, apple and orange cocktail in a juicer.

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Our body needs regular cleansing, so try to consume more of these foods. They not only remove toxins, but also improve the functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, you can forget about many diseases caused by problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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