10 most effective ways to curb your appetite

Overweight people often wonder how to satisfy their hunger in order not to gain weight. Fighting the temptations to eat high-calorie foods is becoming more difficult with the emergence of numerous fast food cafes and obtrusive TV ads. Consider below 10 tips to reduce your appetite to allow for goodies without overeating.

Reducing stomach volume

A person with a developed sense of self-control can deny himself his favorite dishes. If this does not work out, you need to reduce the stomach so that saturation comes faster. The following techniques will help:

  • breathing exercises, yoga;
  • skipping breakfast, or better dinner;
  • small portions (meal time – 20 minutes);
  • chew each spoon thoroughly (8 times).

Better to get drunk than to eat

Of course, we are not talking about alcohol, water before meals can satisfy hunger. When the stomach is already a little full, the stop signal comes faster.

Alcohol consumption is minimized, it increases the appetite.


Certain odors can trick the brain and reduce hunger signals. Here’s a list:

  • cinnamon, vanillin;
  • basil, chopped herbs, cumin;
  • coffee, green tea;
  • citrus, mint aromatic oils.

Smelling when practicing meditation will help not only get rid of hunger, but also relax.

Liepaja diet: eat a little everything and lose weight

Don’t sit around

The desire to eat arises especially brightly if a person is messing around. Take up hobbies, work, cleaning, or you can go for a walk. Favorite movie or book will help you distract yourself.

Bide the time

Appetite is not eternal. Its peak comes 3 hours after the last meal. If you wait out this time, then after another 1 hour, the feeling of hunger will begin to subside. In this way, the amount of food taken is reduced if you have patience and sit down at the dinner table later than usual. The body develops a habit of eating at a certain time, change it. Soon the addiction to breakfast, lunch and dinner will disappear. This will allow the body to feed when it is really hungry, and not because the clock on the hands is showing lunchtime.

Remove irritants

“Out of sight, out of mind!” This catch phrase is suitable to explain why you want to eat. When there is a juicy cutlet or a sweet cake in front of your eyes, it is difficult to resist and not try. We put the goodies in the refrigerator or even further.

Plate – 300 ml

Since childhood, we are taught to finish a portion. The feeling of fullness comes with emptying the plate. Using small cookware can outsmart this rule.


After productive work in the gym or playing sports at home, awareness of the amount of calories gained comes. A beautiful body is a lot of work. Food will be less attractive if you understand how difficult it is to burn fat.

Running and dousing with cold water help the body produce the hormone of happiness. The pleasure of eating fried potatoes can be replaced with a more useful activity that will also bring joy.

How to understand that calcium is flushed out of the body?

The right products

“Appetite comes with eating”. This expression is not entirely true for the following foods that reduce hunger:

  • chia seeds;
  • red fish;
  • eggs;
  • ginger;
  • lentils;
  • avocado;
  • chilli;
  • spinach;
  • St. John’s wort tea, green tea.

Satiety will last longer if you include cereals in the daily diet: buckwheat, rice, wheat, oat or barley.


This item, for good reason, is the last on our list. You should resort to it only if all of the above does not help. A substance called “Anorexigens”, in the composition of dietary supplements, artificially reduce appetite.

Tryptophan supplements help relieve depression. This will be useful for pessimistic people who are seizing their problems.

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