10 questions that will predict the future of your relationship

We found out what is the secret of couples who live happily ever after – they have the same answers to these vital questions.

You have probably noticed that all harmonious couples who live happily ever afterthere is something in common. What exactly? They have the same answers to these questions.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

The question of the future is always a marker of a relationship. If people plan to spend their entire lives together, they plan something specific. Are you and your husband going to improve their living conditions, buy a house in the village, or are you preparing your child for admission to a certain university? You can only be congratulated.

Women’s Council. The goal is needed not only for individual people, but also for individual families. Plan your future together and it really will come.

Do you think your husband is caring for you?

It is difficult to fit a single family to some standards, and it is stupid to do so. For some, the husband’s attentiveness is regular gifts, flowers and admiration, for others it is enough for him to just hold the hand or bring you a chocolate bar from the supermarket. At the same time, the husband gets the rest of the “points” with something else – he provides his family well, loves your parents or he is a wonderful father.

Women’s Council. How to answer this question is up to you. The main thing is not to fall under the influence of a certain image of the “ideal man” that society imposes.

Do you share your business problems with each other?

Talking about your job isn’t just natural, it’s important. We spend most of the day in a work collective, at work we grow professionally and change as a person.

Women’s Council. Take a close look at which of you has done better in telling your day. If you are incessantly telling about your colleagues, and your husband does not have time to insert a word to himself, urgently correct yourself. Monologues are appropriate in a theatrical setting, not in marriage.

Do you wear a robe to your weekend home?

Yes, this is a tricky question. In a stable relationship, people really relax and begin to behave naturally, sometimes even too much. So much has been said about robes and stretched vests, but things are still there.

Women’s Council. Emotional attachment goes hand in hand with physical attraction. In order to remain desirable for each other, it is better to shake up the home wardrobe in favor of albeit comfortable, but beautiful things.

Do you happen to spoil each other’s mood with your nagging?

He doesn’t clean up his plate after him, and you always lose your keys? At the same time, each of you does not forget to remind about these small shortcomings at every opportunity? This is not the best way to strengthen a marriage.

Women’s Council. Be the first to leave this game, which has long ceased to be playful teasing and turns into mutual annoyance.

Are you happy about each other’s success?

Oddly enough, but jealousy can be not only for another person, but also for professional success. If you think that your husband became a wonderful surgeon just because you dropped out of residency and devoted yourself to your family, then it’s time to remember that we make our own choice.

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There are two examples from history – Sophia Tolstaya and Anna Dostoevskaya were literary gifted women, but were in the shadow of their genius husbands. However, they treated the situation differently. The first took the path of reproaches and made life together unbearable, the second not only brought her husband out of terrible debts, but also brought the great man real happiness and was able to realize herself – she became the manager and publisher of Fyodor Mikhailovich.

Women’s Council. If one of the spouses does something better, then this is rather an occasion for joint joy. A successful marriage is a team effort.

Do you complain to friends and family about each other?

Talking about problems in a marriage is most effective with the person with whom you are in this marriage. After all, only you two can know the situation from the inside.

Women’s Council. In general, friends are very good, but only as long as they don’t start giving you free advice about your husband / wife. It is possible that your friends temporarily do not have their own personal lives, and yours are treated like a series. In any case, you shouldn’t take every speck out of the hut.

Are your daily routines and biorhythms the same?

Respected scientists have found out that “larks” and “owls” are not a sentence. We can gradually change our daily routine if we want. If your husband sits at the computer until morning, and you do not get enough sleep, then the next day you will blame him for everything. The situation works the other way too.

Women’s Council. Finding balance is very important in both nascent and mature relationships. For harmony in marriage, it is better to go to bed together. By the way, not staying up late at night is good not only for marriage, but also for health.

How do you fight?

Even during a quarrel, which, let’s be honest, is inevitable, one should not humiliate and press on the most sore corn, and after a quarrel, manipulate and walk with pouting lips for weeks. In a healthy marriage, both parties are interested in finding a compromise as quickly as possible.

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Women’s Council. You also need to quarrel according to the rules. If your husband, instead of the boots promised to you, bought a puncher, then what does his mother have to do with the fact that she does not love you and has badly raised her son? Keep your anger within the boots and punches topic.

Are you laughing at the same things?

At the very beginning of a relationship, people are so attacked by endorphins that they experience happiness non-stop. We want not only to wake up with the same person, but also to laugh at his jokes for the rest of our lives. Gradually hormones return to normal, but the same sense of humor remains. So it’s great luck to meet someone who can make you laugh – and a sure way to a long and happy marriage.

Women’s Council. Laugh together as often as possible.

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