10 short and glamorous haircuts

An urban and chic haircut at Eric Stipa

10 short and glamorous haircuts

Credit: Eric Stipa

Modern, urban and very feminine, Eric Stipa has thought of a short cut for a modern woman.

For what type of hair ? For hair that has substance or even a little wavy. A cut that guarantees volume.

Eric Stipa, fall-winter 2008-2009 collection

A short sage at Coiff & Co

Credits: Coiff & Co

A wise and classic cut, easy to wear and which offers several possibilities of hairstyles. For example, you can loosen your lock with pliers or wear a dressy headband at a party to add character to your cut.

For what type of hair ? Fine, smooth hair.

Coiff&Co, fall-winter 2008-2009 collection

The false short at Camille Albane

Credits: Camille Albane

We fall for this very feminine fake short. The hair is quite long but we stay on the basis of a short haircut. Ideal for those who want to cut their hair … but not too much anyway!

For what type of hair ? This cut requires a certain material and the hair smooth enough to be able to place them easily.

Camille Albane, fall-winter 2008-2009 collection

Unstructured volume at Dessange

Credit: Dessange

A cut of character with this unstructured volume that will seduce more than one for the practical and glamorous side. Our advice: dare to position yourself and move your hair. Your cut must live.

For what type of hair ? For a cut like this, hair that has substance, smooth or slightly curly.

Dessange, Fall-winter 2008-2009 collection

Short feline haircut at HairCoif

Credit: Haircoif

Show off the claws with this cropped feline cut. An ideal cut for women who have unruly and even curly hair.

HairCoif, fall-winter 2008-2009 collection

Bowl cup at Intermède

Credits: Intermède

A soft ball cut with swept bangs to the side to intensify the look.

For what type of hair ? You need to have a certain material to make this cut and get a nice result. Its plus: brushing is easy to do.

Interlude, fall-winter 2008 collection

Boyish at Saint Algue

Credit: Saint Algue

A short cut close to the head with lengths preserved on the contour of the face for a little more softness. For styling, it’s simple, use your fingers and let your desires go.

For what type of hair ? All hair. For the face, this cut is suitable for an oval, round, diamond-shaped and fairly young face.

Holy Algae, Fall-winter 2008 collection

A natural fit at Intermède

Credits: Intermède

Natural spirit for this short cut. The locks are degraded to obtain a nice volume.

For what type of hair ? Curly or wavy ones.

Interlude, spring-summer 2009 collection

False court at Franck Provost

Credit: Provost

Glamor and femininity come together with this short cut which is not really short … The locks remain long and the volume is present on the top of the head.

For what type of hair ? Those who have the material to avoid having a flat effect which is absolutely not trendy.

Franck Provost, fall-winter 2008 collection

Stylish cut at Jean Louis David

Credit: Jean Louis David

For women who love character hairstyles. Jean Louis David has designed a short, very fashionable cut that remains 100% feminine. Our advice: with a cut of this style, bet on makeup or a glamorous top.

For what type of hair ? Thin and smooth.

Jean Louis David, Spring-summer 2009 collection



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