10 snacks for dieters

The main reason for dieting breakdowns is psychological discomfort. Even if the stomach is full, thoughts in my head revolve only around food. If you try to overpower yourself and wait for the next meal, you can overeat and gain extra calories. Every time we overeat, we force the stomach to stretch and eat more. This slows down the metabolism, and extra calories are deposited as fat in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

In this case, snacks will help. You need to arrange them every 2-2.5 hours and choose the right products.

What is not recommended for snacks

For snacks, the calorie content of each product is also important. Having eaten a croissant with condensed milk, you are unlikely to be full, but you will get 350 kcal. At the same time, you can have a snack with a dozen almonds and two dozen pistachios and still get only 160 kcal.

Foods with fast carbohydrates are not suitable for snacks. Buns, sweets, pastries, chips and croutons satisfy hunger quickly, but not for long.

Healthy snack foods

We bring to your attention a list of those products that help to temporarily satisfy the feeling of hunger, while not gaining extra calories.

  1. Vegetables. These foods are high in fiber. These are dietary fibers that are not absorbed by the body, but swell and increase in volume under the action of fluid and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of food debris and toxins. Also, fiber is able to absorb excess cholesterol and glucose, and accelerate metabolism.

The most low-calorie ones are:

  • cucumbers, tomatoes and white radish (up to 20 kcal);
  • celery, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant and pumpkin (up to 40 kcal);
  • green beans, green onions, beets and carrots (up to 50 kcal).

Try not to salt vegetables, as salt retains water in the body and promotes swelling.

Try the recipe for a complete snack with only 40 kcal. You will need:

  • cucumber;
  • dill;
  • soft fat-free cottage cheese.

After mixing cottage cheese with dill and grated cucumber, the snack can be used with whole grain bread.

  1. Fruits. Also contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try to eat fruit in the morning as it is sweet. Low sugar fruits include strawberry, peach, melon, orange, and grapefruit. Also pay attention to green apples. But keep in mind that they can increase your appetite.

Only 50 kcal contain baked apples with cinnamon. This is a snack that replaces dessert if you are strongly attracted to the crust during the diet. You can also make a 50 kcal fruit smoothie. For cooking you need:

  • 4 apricots
  • 1 orange
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 apple

All fruits and vegetables are peeled, mashed with a submersible blender and mixed.

  1. Dairy products. Fermented baked milk, natural yogurt and kefir do not contain a large amount of sugar and help complete digestion due to the content of beneficial bacteria. Please note that these foods should be low in fat.

There is a very tasty and low-calorie drink based on kefir. You will need:

  • kefir;
  • garlic
  • tomato paste
  • black pepper.

Add 1 tsp into a glass of kefir. tomato paste and add garlic and black pepper to taste. This is a healthy snack for those who are not very fond of fermented milk drinks.

  1. Nuts. Fats in their composition contribute to slow digestion and prolonged feeling of fullness. Remember that this is a high-calorie food and you shouldn’t eat more than 30 kernels per day.
  2. Muesli. Improve intestinal motility and prolonged satiety. You can combine muesli with nuts, dried fruits and fruits, while consuming them in the morning.
  3. Bread. This food is also rich in fiber and has a low glycemic index. A couple of crispbreads will help satisfy your hunger.
  4. Bran. Wheat or oat. This is the same fiber, but not crushed. Now you can buy bran in the form of crispy balls that can be added to yogurt, kefir, or consumed ready-made.

  1. Low fat cheese or skim milk. Previously, these products were considered the enemies of a slim figure. But by choosing low-fat cheese varieties, you can have a hearty snack and not gain extra pounds.
  2. Boiled eggs. This is a great snack to take with you to work. Eggs contain a large amount of protein, which takes a long time to break down and provide energy.
  3. Water. Yes, it’s water. Try drinking a glass of water if you feel mildly hungry. Perhaps the body simply does not have enough water and the brain signals this. In any case, it is beneficial to consume a glass of warm water before each meal, which will improve the digestion of food and give a quick feeling of fullness.

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