10 tips for perfect hair styling

Perfect hair styling is the key to a good mood and admiring looks on the street. What tips should you use to make this procedure better the next time?

Get out of the bathroom

Avoid doing bathroom styling right after showering. It is better to go to a room where the hair will dry much faster and there will be more space. First, you need to blot your hair with a towel, then open the window to ventilate the room, and then start drying.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Unload your hands

During laying, the hands are suspended, the whole main load falls on them. To relieve yourself a little, you need to take a comfortable position in which your elbows will rest on your knees. This advice will greatly help those who, due to unpleasant sensations in their hands, refused to styling.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Using thermal protection

Hair becomes dry and brittle upon contact with a hairdryer, iron or curling iron. This can be avoided by using high quality thermal protection. After washing and before styling, the product is distributed through the hair.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Dry your hair with your head down

This tip works great for girls with fine, medium-length hair. They are often lacking in volume, so drying with your head down will help fix this. It is necessary in this way to dry all the hair to the end.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Drying from front to back

First, it is important to add volume and style to those strands that are around the face. It is this part of the styling that people see first of all, but this does not mean that you do not need to carefully work out the back of the head.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Temperature difference

To lay unruly strands, you must first dry them with hot air, and then fix them with cold air. This is a trick often used by hairdressers.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Dryness check

Only completely dry hair can keep styling for a long time. Therefore, after drying with a hairdryer, you need to walk along the strands with your hands, checking all areas of the head.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

The right tools

For curly, unmanageable hair, use round brushes with metal bristles and an ionic hair dryer. Both tools will prevent the length from tangling too much.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Root volume means

Using root volume products is a must-have. They allow you to hold out styling with a volume for the maximum amount of time. Root volume products should not be confused with varnishes.

10 tips for perfect hair styling

Correct straightening

To avoid waviness of coarse hair, it is necessary to make sharp movements with a hairdryer in one direction. After styling it is best to use a moisturizing spray.

10 tips for perfect hair styling


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