10 trendy short haircuts for a new look in September

Chick-chick: 10 trendy short haircuts for a & nbsp; new look in & nbsp; September
Short haircuts are a new trend! Even celebrities who have not cheated on long hair for many years decide to change: for example, actress Hayden Panettiere chose a pixie, and the model, Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber, cut her hair and now wears a short bob. And this is a smart decision! A short haircut opens up and refreshes the face, while grooming and styling takes much less time.
How to cut a short haircut to catch the water wave, we learned from the stylist of L’Oréal Professionnel Ivan Ivanov.

Long hair can both accentuate beauty and distract attention from important details. For example, from your sophisticated nose or beautiful big eyes. But you will only know about this when you decide on the shortest haircut possible. How do you know that it will suit you? Pull your hair into a sleek ponytail without leaving strands on the sides. Like? Feel free to cut your hair very, very short! For inspiration, watch how I Can Destroy You star Michaela Coel wears this haircut (pictured above).

Wavy bob

Previously, the bob was advised to be worn strictly with straight strands. But the quarantine made its own adjustments and it turned out cool! Girls began to cut their hair short, not because it was fashionable, but because it was comfortable (or was it just boring at home?). And no one thought about the fact that she had wavy hair that does not fit a classic bob. Today, to get this effect, stylists pre-carve and curl the strands.

Glamorous long bob

Haircut “forehead” (translated from English lob – long bob) is an elongated version of the classic haircut “bob”. Haircut lengths vary, give or take a few centimeters below or above your collarbones. Millie Bobby Brown, an actress on Stranger Things, is wearing a trendy forehead of the stars. The girl slightly curls the ends of her hair and carefully removes the strands from her face with a hair clip.
Tip:  To add volume and texture to fine hair, ask your stylist to graduate to half the length.

Fatal mallet

Classic mallet – the hair is cut short in front and on the sides, while the back remains long. The Americans say about the mallet: “It’s all business in the front, and all party in the back” (“business in the front, party in the back”). Initially, this haircut was considered a man’s, but today it is also worn by women. We admit: on the latter, it looks cooler. For inspiration, browse Instagram of model Agness Dein, who perfectly matches this haircut with both tailored suits and flying dresses.

Bob car

This hairstyle has not gone out of fashion in recent years, except that it slightly changes its appearance: elongated curls on the sides, and on the crown – a daring volume created using graduation – this is how a bob-caret 2020 looks like. that it looks great both on thick hair and on thin hair (it visually gives them the missing volume). If you want to add texture, choose a bob with torn strands and graduations. This option visually rejuvenates and looks spectacular on both straight and curly hair.

Haircut page

Haircut page

Perhaps this is the most relevant hairstyle this year. The page haircut has quite a few names, but the essence remains the same – short strands in shape resemble a hat with a round frame and smoothly contoured from the back of the head to thick bangs. True, this season stylists have slightly deviated from the rules: the most fashionable option is when the bangs and the rest of the hair are of the same length, for example, to the middle of the forehead (if you are not afraid to open your forehead) or to the eyebrows. The shortened version of the page, contrary to the stereotypes about short haircuts, looks very sophisticated and feminine.



Despite the fact that “tomboy” is translated from English as “kid”, the haircut looks very feminine. See how Kara Delvin, Pink and Miley Cyrus wore it – the very tenderness! Another huge plus of her is that she suits girls with thin hair, which is a rarity when it comes to short haircuts. Today the most popular version of the tomboy is the classic one with an elongated crown and shortened temples and nape.

Tip: if you want to make the image more strict, ask the stylist to make the temporal and occipital zones shorter.


This haircut has remained relevant for several seasons and, it seems, will not give up its position even in winter. The main rules of the classic pixie: the presence of bangs of any shape and length, the strands should not be longer than the top level of the ear, and the bangs should be noticeably longer than the curls at the back of the head. But this summer, stylists break the rules and advise a sloppy and slightly asymmetrical pixie, and this will also affect the bangs, which can be graduated as much as possible.

Tip:  Pixie looks best on blonde hair, so if you’re blonde, be sure to give it a try! And if you are a brunette, to visually create texture and highlights, ask your colorist to light up the strands on the crown of your head – the shade of your hair will become multifaceted and beautiful.


Garson is translated from French as “boy”, but she looks very feminine. Just look at how Charlize Theron wears it! The classic garcon is performed using the graduation of the strands, and thinning allows you to achieve smooth transitions – while the hair in the back of the head should be very short, and there should be volume on the crown.

This season, the “garcon” has become even shorter than before: you can completely abandon the bangs, cut it off as much as possible, or put it back – this option allows you not to bother with styling and drying.


Quarantine unexpectedly brought a comfortable semi-box back into fashion. But if a couple of years ago we wore it in combination with an elongated bang, then today it should be as short as possible. To keep the look from looking boring, play with texture and styling. For example, you can add ragged edges or side parting, adding a little volume at the roots. There are a lot of options, unlike the same garcon!

Tip: before deciding on a semi-boxing, consider the shape of the face. The half-box looks best on girls with oval, square and triangular faces. But he unnecessarily emphasizes the round shape.


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