10 versatile manicure options to suit any look

Today, manicurists can offer many different ideas for every occasion and every situation. However, some women like to get a versatile manicure. It suits any situation and any occasion. Here are some examples.

  1. Manicure in beige tones

The beige tone looks discreet and neutral, but at the same time it looks expensive and elegant. The beige color looks spectacular on nails of any length. Therefore, you can safely do such a manicure. To somehow diversify it, it is allowed to decorate one nail with a pattern.

  1. French

French manicure suits everyone without exception. It looks gentle and sophisticated. A woman at any age can make a jacket in light colors. Her hands will immediately become well-groomed, and this immediately makes a woman several years younger.

  1. Cobweb

A spider web will help to add variety to a monochromatic coating. However, manicure will still remain universal. Therefore, it is a good option for women who like minimalism and zest at the same time.

  1. Moon manicure

“French vice versa” – this is the name of this coating. Looks the same as the jacket, impeccable, suits everyone.10 versatile manicure options to suit any look

  1. Transparent

Transparent varnish will help draw attention to the grooming of the marigolds. To diversify the transparent manicure, the nails are decorated with a discreet pattern.

  1. Geometry

Nails are designed clearly, the geometric pattern is applied accurately, the combinations can be very different. It looks stylish and modern, appropriate in any situation.10 versatile manicure options to suit any look

  1. With foil

Foil helps to create original patterns, but at the same time they do not flashy, do not look provocative. The nails will look quite original.

  1. Rubbing

Rubbing in gives a delicate shine effect. It looks elegant, but at the same time it is not striking. This makes rubbing in a universal manicure that suits everyone and is always appropriate.10 versatile manicure options to suit any look

  1. Flowers

Flower arrangements on nails are always effects. It can be one flower or a whole picture, consisting of drawings that are not repeated.

  1. Ombre

The application technique implies that the shades of the varnish smoothly pass from one to another. It looks gentle and original.10 versatile manicure options to suit any look

There are quite a few options for a universal manicure. Each woman can choose a suitable option for herself, in which her nails will look simple but effective.



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