11 examples of when a short haircut is much better than long curls

A woman with long hair always looks sexier. This is because long hair is feminine. Therefore, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity strive to grow long hair at all costs. At the same time, not really thinking about whether they will go to them. When such girls decide to part with their wealth and cut their hair, it turns out that short haircuts suit them much more.

Hairdressers believe that a short haircut should be done in the following cases.

  1. Business woman

Long hair must be looked after carefully. Hair needs styling throughout the day. To comb your hair, correct your bangs a little – all this is mandatory. A busy business woman from morning to evening simply does not have time for this. Therefore, it is best to get a haircut so as not to be considered a woman who does not take care of herself. 10 minutes of free time and a hair dryer – that’s all you need in the morning. Then you won’t have to think about your hairstyle all day.

  1. Housewives

A young mother who is on parental leave also has no time to do styling. Therefore, a haircut will be an excellent solution. Indeed, even if a woman has long hair, it is always gathered in a bun or ponytail. We can say that the hair is not visible.

  1. Overweight women

Long hair creates extra volume. This is useless for a full woman. The hairstyle should solve a general problem: the hostess should appear slimmer. A haircut will help with this.

  1. Dry and brittle hair

Dry and brittle hair is best cut. The thing is, the longer they are, the more visible all the flaws are. A haircut for dry and brittle hair is the way to go.

  1. Short neck

If a woman wants to appear slimmer, then she must give up excessive hair length. A swan’s neck will appear immediately and become longer. This will happen even if the neck was short before.

  1. Round face

A round face will stretch out with a short haircut. If the hair is left long, then the side strands will make the face even rounder.

  1. Small face

A small face will simply get lost in long hair. Therefore, a haircut is a must. This will make the small face more visible.

  1. Thin hair

Long, thin hair most often just hangs like icicles. In a short haircut, you can style them as you like.

  1. Age

There is an opinion: the shorter the haircut, the younger the woman looks. These words are worth listening to.

  1. Growing natural hair

Often, after staining, a woman is unhappy with the result. And she herself begins to grow them. Dark roots and light ends don’t look very good. Therefore, you need to get a haircut. So you can walk every day with your hair, spending only 10 minutes.

  1. Experiment

Do not deny yourself the desire to transform and change dramatically. For this, a haircut is a great option. Moreover, it is best to make a trendy hairstyle. A haircut like this will help you get a few years off.


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