12 fashion books to devour during confinement

Sometimes intimate, sometimes offbeat, confidences, broken secrets and other extravagances… One way trip to the fashion world with the ultimate in literature.

Of its universes both known and secret, fashion has always maintained a good number of mysteries. If the seventh art does honor to it in films that have become classic, the fashion books also shed light on some well-kept secrets. Designers confide in, journalists draw portraits of profound truth, historians look back on centuries of fashion history, and we learn a little more, page after page. Among all the fashionable literature, discover the works to be placed at the top of the pile.

© Flammarion

The Parisian, Inès de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet

In a few words : The most famous Parisian woman gives her precious advice and addresses for live in Paris : sometimes with little means but always with spirit and style. A trendy guide, the bible of any apprentice fashionista and a lifestyle manual more complete than any other. Decoration, restaurants, fashion, make-up… Inès comes to your home and trains you with taste, always.

Release date : 2010

fashion book
© Textuel Editions

History of fashions and clothing, Denis Bruna Chloé Demey

In a few words : Fashion, as a whole, is here analyzed, analyzed and deciphered, from 1330 to the 2000s. Historical, economic, sociological and cultural context … this rich and precise work invites us to take a leap in time to perfect our culture. A bible to satisfy the appetite of fashion geeks.

Release date : 2018

© Dior

Christian Dior & Me, Christian Dior

In a few words : The success story of Christian Dior, by Christian Dior. From his anonymity to his greatest works, the couturier delivers his most intimate secrets in his memories, with a touch of humor and a certain style. An unusual fate, a disrupted journey and an indelible mark. At the end of the reading, 30, avenue de Montaigne has no more secrets for us.

Release date : 1956 (original publication)

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© Editions de La Martinière

Fashion Empresses, Yseult Williams

In a few words : Yseult Williams, fashion journalist, paints in this book the portrait of six press divas : Edna Chase, Carmel Snow, Marcelle Auclair, Hélène Lazareff, Diana Vreeland and the all-powerful Ana Wintour. Friendships, rivalries and betrayals… the underwear of fashion is portrayed here in all frankness, and without fashion faux pas.

Release date : 2015

fashion book
© Doubleday

How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are, love, style and bad habits, Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Sophie Mas

In a few words : Four figures from the capital question the clichés on Parisian women, with humor and derision. With advice more funny than serious, stories of all kinds and snippets of the life of a Parisian, we feed the myth of this figure “of style”.

Release date : 2014

© Editions Grasset

I love fashion, but that’s all I hate, Loïc Prigent

In a few words : Fashion journalist and king of derision, Loïc Prigent opens the doors to a world as spicy as it is annoying. Reveling in the funny remarks during his shoots in the high places of the industry, he decided to compile the best in a book. Hilarious and already cult quotes that are absolutely good for morale.

Release date : 2017

fashion book
© Globe Editions

Girlboss, Sophia Amuroso

In a few words : Taken from a true story, this delicious adventure in the land of vintage is in fact the success story of Sophia Amuroso, creator of the very famous brand. Nasty gal. It all starts with the sale of a few rare pieces unearthed in thrift stores. Success is then at the rendezvous, and leads Sophia to found her own empire. An example of female success.

Release date : 2015

fashion book
© Editions Grasset

Yves Saint Laurent, Laurence Benaïm

In a few words : Laurence Benaïm’s book is the very first biography of Yves Saint-Laurent. From her childhood in Oran to the succession of Christian Dior, from her greatest ambitions to her exile in France, to realize her deepest dream, the author paints a touching portrait of Yves Saint-Laurent, the eternal little prince of fashion.

Release date : 1993

fashion book

Dear Haute Couture, Janie Samet

In a few words : Janie Samet, an emblematic figure of fashion journalism, was the first to interview the greatest geniuses of Haute Couture: From Gianni Versace to Yves Saint-Laurent, including Karl Lagerfeld. She knows the smallest secrets of the environment, and reveals them in this book.

Release date : 2006

fashion book
© Blue around

Our Chanel, Jean Lebrun

In a few words : This work on Gabrielle Chanel, written by the journalist and associate of history Jean Lebrun obtained the Goncourt of the biography in 2014. From the rue Cambon to the Ritz, to less known places concerning the French designer, this biography takes us on the traces of a phenomenon often told, that we never tire of rediscovering.

Release date : 2014

fashion book
© Gallimard

Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent, Feminin Singular / Feminine Singular

In a few words : In 1967, Yves Saint-Laurent met Betty Catroux in a nightclub. Love at first sight operated in a few seconds and the young woman became his muse, his model, his muse. This book traces “the aftermath of Betty Catroux” in the life of Yves Saint Laurent, deeply marked by his links with this soul mate with an influential look.

Release date : 2020

fashion book
© Folio

Beautiful People, Saint Laurent, Lagerfeld: splendours and miseries of fashion, Alicia Drake

In a few words : Unauthorized biography, this book by Alicia Drake looks back on the special relationship between Yves Saint-Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld, fashion’s best enemies. Their careers started at the same time, their paths often crossed and this earned them some sparks. Witness this story, where behind the rivalry between the two men stands the portrait of an era.

Release date : 2008

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