12 fashion podcasts to discover during confinement

Having succumbed to the madness of podcasts, fashion is now told through audio content, zero filter. With its passionate interviews, its hard-hitting conferences, its frantic discussions, this media becomes our best ally during confinement. Discover our selection of biting and fashion-loving podcasts.

The phenomenon of fashion podcasts reveals all its interest in this period of confinement. Like many sectors, it has not escaped the trend, and makes its show through multiple audio broadcasts. Told by creators, journalists or various experts, it is delivered in its greatest intimacy, in order to enrich our culture or arouse our curiosity. Here is our selection of podcasts that do their job wonderfully and make perfect quarantine partners.

© Catwalk Calling

Through interviews of around thirty minutes, the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion offers to know more about young designers, members of the official calendars of Parisian fashion weeks. The goal ? Find out more about the talent put forward, his projects but also his inspirations. On the program: Marine Serre, star of the first episode, but also Victoria / Tomas or Anaïs Jourde.

Duration : about thirty minutes

Site: catwalk-calling

© Chiffon

Valérie Tribes, former fashion journalist, opens the debate on our relationship with clothing, by interviewing illustrators, designers and editors on this subject. What is elegance? The notion of trend? So many interesting subtleties, on which good to hear different points of view and which push us to question ourselves in turn.

Duration: between 30 and 40 minutes


© Entrepreneurship in Fashion

32-year-old assistant designer, Adrien Garcia invites several fashion players to talk about their career in the fashion industry, via river interviews. Having first created this podcast for “approach your fashion heroes”, and get as much advice as possible to get started in the field, Adrien has finally become with his microphone a reference on the entrepreneurial subject. Ideal for those who want to get started, or who simply want to learn more about the ropes and the players in the sector.

Duration : 20 minutes on average, but some episodes may last 1 hour


© French Institute of Fashion

The IFM and its communications director, Lucas Delattre, organize monthly and other weekly public conferences, reserved for students of the institute, led by historians, sociologists, but also photographers and designers. Between fashion and philosophy, there is only one step, and these conferences delicately handle the two subjects to form only one. The conferences are according to Lucas Delattre “a permanent flow of ideas, of meetings” so “just a window to the world”. A great way to get away from it all by listening to them from home, or anywhere else.

Duration: at least one hour


© In retro fashion

Inès Matsika, fashion journalist and creator of the site “The Fashion Stories” decided to create a podcast in order to continue to tell the fashion in a different format. The guests have worked for the greatest (Margiela, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen …) and talk about their career, putting it in the context of a sector that continues to evolve at great speed. A bath of knowledge in which it is pleasant to immerse yourself.

Duration: between 15 and 30 minutes


© Fashion no filter

When Camille Charrière, a former journalist and now influencer, and Monica Ainley de la Villardière, an assiduous fashion journalist wreaking havoc on Instagram, decide to create a podcast, it leads to frantic discussions between friends and fashion experts. Eco-responsibility, fashion week shows, the latest news … with an overflowing complicity and an ever-shrewd eye, the two friends and their prestigious guests approach fashion in the best possible way.

Duration: between 40 and 50 minutes


© Fashion your seatbelt

The name immediately invites you to travel: in the direction of fashion, in the land of prestige. Immediate take-off towards a star-studded cast: Giambattista Valli, Giuseppe Zanotti or even Law Roach, stylist for the biggest stars, including Celine Dion. In turn, through intimate interviews, the guests talk about fashion and half-open the backstage doors of their impressive career.

Duration: about thirty minutes


© Inside Fashion

The Business of Fashion, a famous media dealing with the fashion economy, has also created its podcast. Fashion is examined meticulously and as seriously as possible: its state, its current events, but also its issues and its future, near or far … Ideal for discovering the fashion sector from different angles, little covered in traditional magazines.

Duration: 40 minutes


© Dior talks

When fashion and feminism come together to make women’s rights heard. The famous French house launched its own podcast on March 8, 2020, on the occasion of Women’s Day, to highlight the feminist commitment of its artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri. Artists who have collaborated with Dior and inspiring women discuss art and feminism together. They also come back to the choice of their committed collaboration with the French house.

Duration: 30 minutes

Site :

© Pop Fashion

Lisa Rowan (owner of a thrift store) and Kaarin Vembar (stylist) bring freshness and the latest trends to your home through their podcast, mixing fashion and pop culture. A delicious quirky mix taking place every week, in which we find the latest news related to fashion, the decryption of new trends as well as clear opinions, sometimes second degree.

Duration: between 30 and 50 minutes


© 3.55 Chanel

Chanel takes us on a journey into her intimacy with podcasts recorded in various symbolic places: the parade venues, Coco Chanel’s apartment … “3.55” also offers several series, including “Métier Class by Chanel”, opening the backstage doors of the Chanel creation. Mr. Karl Lagerfeld had also opened the ball by recording the very first episode of the series. Worship.

Duration: between 10 and 20 minutes


© Vogue Style Revolution

Referrer podcast, Vogue Style Revolution gives voice to the most prominent personalities in fashion. Tom Ford, Zac Posen, Michael Kors and Anna Wintour, the only one… discussions that are priceless, that can be enjoyed at will. Podcast activity ceased in 2017, but all episodes can be found on the site. Three years later, they have lost none of their preciousness.

Duration: between 15 and 40 minutes


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