12 shiatsu massages to do yourself

Pressure at work, conflict with children, constant rush in transport … All these worries have repercussions on our body and knead tensions. And if neither our man, nor a practitioner is willing to massage us, we are stuck!

The solution: self-massage! Relaxing your muscles and joints on your own to release tension is possible. Here are some tips from the shiatsu master Philippe Ronce to provide you with a simple massage, so that the energy contained in your belly (the hara) circulates in your body in the form of ki. Instructions for use to relax and avoid the pain of everyday life!

Discover other autoshiatsu techniques in the book ” The right point at the right time »From Philippe Ronce to the editions Guy Trédaniel.

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Discover the benefits of shiatsu massage in video!

I tested for you … a shiatsu session


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