12 stylistic tricks to look taller and slimmer

“As soon as a girl gets on her heels, she immediately has happiness in life. This is the law. ” Evelina Khromchenko

Any of us wants to look always tall, long-legged and slender girl. But what if nature has not endowed you with tall stature? There is an exit! There are many tricks when with the help of clothes, shoes and accessories you can visually make you taller and slimmer.

First of all, I will tell you what to avoid girls with short stature. These are, of course, bulky clothes that can make your silhouette heavy and squat. And also a violation of proportions: if they are suddenly violated, then this can only exacerbate the problem.

And now we turn to the most interesting – below are several tricks that will help solve the problem of short stature.

1. Shoes. Pumps should be skin tone or tights tone. Visually, “nude” color shoes optically lengthen the legs.

The heel is just out of the question, the heel will definitely make the girl taller.

2. Clothes. Print (vertical stripe), it does its job perfectly, optically stretches the figure and makes it slimmer. There are many dresses and other striped outfits in current collections, choose your own shades and take photos for comparison, so you will find things that decorate and slim as much as possible.

3. Monochrome image is the use of one color in the image. And if you also use clothes of different textures and the same color, then this will not only visually make you tall, but also enhance the impression of the image.

4. Cropped top and a high rise with a fixation at the waist line. Pants, skirts, jeans and shorts all work great for increasing height. Between the top and the bottom line of the belt should not be more than 10 cm. And the belt should not overtighten the waist, otherwise a fold will appear on the belly.

5. Pants to the floor. A great way to hide high heels and platform while making you taller and your legs infinitely long. For example, palazzo pants or straight flared jeans also lengthen the legs.

6. Skirts. Short skirts, which reveal the legs as much as possible, automatically visually stretch them.

7. Pencil skirt should be high-waisted. She is very slim and also helps her look taller. The top must be tucked into the skirt, be it a T-shirt or a shirt. This technique will help to stretch out growth and make any figure slimmer.

8.V-neck visually lengthen the neck and balance broad shoulders, emphasize the beauty of the chest and stretch the silhouette vertically.

9 Accessories. Long ornaments around the neck have a vertical line, and this technique lengthens the silhouette.

10. Long scarves also create a vertical.

Hairstyles that visually increase growth

11. High hairstyles (hair pulled up in a bun, high ponytail) visually make the girl taller.

12. Hairstyles with medium and short lengths, they open the neck and shoulders, and this visually also increases growth.

Experiment! All of these techniques will help you appear taller and slimmer. Golden Rule “All verticals and vertical lines pull you up” and you become leggy, stunning, tall and irresistible. And most importantly, always remember the words of the great French fashion designer: “Fashion does not just make women beautiful, it gives them self-confidence.”

Author Sukhneva Irina

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