15 beauty products under 20 euros you absolutely must take on vacation this summer

A sunscreen

A sunscreen

This is THE product that it should not be forgotten holiday : sun cream. It helps protect the skin from the effects of the sun. Prefer a high protection, that is to say with an SPF of 30 or 50.

Milk Solar Skin That Is Allergic To The Sun, Mixa, 12,90€

Photo 1/15© Mixa
A mild shampoo and restorative

A mild shampoo and restorative

The sun, chlorine and seawater can damage the hair. Therefore, they should be washed gently and feed them.

Shampoo nourishing after-sun, Solar Sublime, L’oréal Professionnel, 12,90€ Sephora

Photo 2/15© L’oréal Professionnel
A oil for shine

A oil for shine

Oil flakes for hydration and shine. Perfect to highlight the tan !

Oil pearly moisturiser, Yves Rocher, 16,90€

Photo 3/15© Yves Rocher
A day cream with restorative

A day cream with restorative

This gel-cream BIO refreshes and intensely moisturizes the skin. Hydration is essential for all days, but especially after exposure to the sun.

Gel-cream hemp repairer, Garnier, BIO, 8,90€

Photo 4/15© Garnier
A waterproof mascara

A waterproof mascara

If you like to wear makeup on holiday, remember to opt for a waterproof mascara. Why ? The water will not flow down !

Waterproof Mascara SIZE UP, Sephora Collection, 12,99€

Photo 5/15© Sephora Collection
A lip balm moisturizing

A lip balm moisturizing

The lips may be assechées in the summer, and to hydrate, there is nothing better than a balm to be effective. It is a smell of watermelon to fall.

Sugar Lip Balm, Fresh, 18€

Photo 6/15© Fresh

A highlighter to highlight the tan

This highlighter gel is perfect to bring glow and to highlight the tan. You are going to shine !

Highlighter in ge, Florence By Mills in Nocibé, 16,90€

Photo 7/15© Florence By Mills
A spray protector for hair

A spray protector for hair

The hair can also suffer the harmful effects of the sun. To protect them, adopt-a-spray slide without your bag to take everywhere !

Protective veil Phyto Plage, Phyto, 16,50€

Photo 8/15© Phyto
Milk body repairer after sun

Milk body repairer after sun

After a day in the sun, the skin needs to be nourished and repaired. Apply a cream after your shower to give him comfort.

Milk répérateur Anti-age global body, Sunissime, Lierac, 16,90€

Photo 9/15© Lierac
A complete range

A complete range

A palette is essential if you want to make a beautiful make-up summer. The warm tones are perfect for this season !

Palette Ultimate Shadow Escape Artist, NYX, 17,90€

Photo 10/15© Nyx

A deodorant effective

A deodorant is a must-have in winter as in summer. Would prefer a formula as natural as possible ! Here, the deodorant Breathe is made up to 99.98% of ingredients of natural origin. Little more, the fresh smell is perfect for summer.

Deodorant natural bergamot, lemon, Breathe, 9,90€

Photo 11/15© Breathe
A gentle cleanser

A gentle cleanser

Clean her skin after a long day or a make-up removal is mandatory for it radiates. This also helps remove dust and other impurities accumulated during the day.

Stick face cleansing Hemp & Aloe vera, Thank you Handy, 12€

Photo 12/15© Thank You Handy

Hair mask single use

Practice this mask single-dose ! It fits in your suitcase repair your hair this summer.

Nourishing mask for dry hair, damaged and brittle, Monoprix, 1,49€

Photo 13/15© Monoprix
A gentle make-up remover

A gentle make-up remover

A balm to the rich texture that can effectively remove the makeup gently. Perfect for this summer !

Balm makeup remover Camellia, Bernard Cashiers, 19,90€

Photo 14/15© Bernard Cashiers

A cool mist

What is better than a mist much cool on your skin during the extreme heat ? Adopt them !

Water care, moisturizing, Jowaé, 5,90€

Think about sun care  Your favorite long dress, your fetish swimsuit and your matching pair of flip flops to your sarong… That’s it, your suitcase of clothes is ready. The time has come to prepare your toiletries. And this is no small task! Because the list of things to pack is long… Or maybe not. In fact, your special summer beauty vanity can only have a maximum of 15 care and make-up products. In addition, in our selection, these products do not exceed 20 euros! But before you find out, here are some tips for choose your care to take when traveling.

Do not forget the face and hair cleansers

When we talk about summer, we talk about the sun. And the latter directly brings to mind the care that allows protect the skin from the harmful effects of the latter. Indeed, the sun is often an integral part of summer. But if it allows to give a nice tan to the skin, the sun can also cause skin problems if you don’t protect yourself from it. In addition to avoiding exposure between noon and 4 p.m., you need to cover yourself with sun protection and repeat the operation every two hours.


Don’t skip makeup

There are plenty of different sun protection : in milk, gel, spray or even oil… You have the choice! Know that to protect yourself as well as possible, you must move towards an SPF 30 or 50, that is to say a high protection index. Also consider taking a sun protection for your hair, because they too can be damaged. These protections are often in the form of a spray. It is convenient !

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to skip themakeup removal step and skin Cleaning. In fact, in the evening when you come back from your day at the beach, visiting or shopping, you have to remove your makeup! You can then perform a double make-up removal, i.e. apply a cleansing product to rid the skin of the impurities accumulated during the day.


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