15 best remedies for cellulite , which are pleasant to use

Cellulite is not a disease, but just an aesthetic flaw. And 80% of women have it. But if you are determined to get into the remaining 20%, we will help you! We found out the reasons for the appearance and ways to combat cellulite from the body specialist of the Institute of cosmetology Le Colon, skin mentor Biologique Recherche Valeria Nasonova, and selected the appropriate tools.

Where did it come from?

The cause of cellulite formation is initially a violation of venous outflow of blood, stagnation of lymph and failure of blood microcirculation. As a protective reaction, the body produces excess water: it is in the area where adipocytes (fat cells) are located, since they attract water very well. The response of the body to a violation of proper nutrition of cells and a failure in the elimination of toxins is the proliferation of connective fibers that envelop fat cells. And it is not that this connective tissue creates the ugly lumpy relief that we see, but that it is impenetrable.

Stage of cellulite

There are only 4 of them, and depending on the stage, correction methods should be selected.

  • The first stage — the bumps are visible only when compressed. This is the norm! Just stick to the right diet, drink enough water and support your skin with skin care products;
  • The second stage-cellulite is noticeable in certain lighting conditions. You need to adjust the power supply, connect massage and care;
  • The third stage-cellulite is noticeable in any light and angle. You need active sports, proper nutrition and salon procedures;
  • The fourth stage — noticeable very strong mounds (like a vine), roughness is hard and dense. We need medical treatment. serious procedures, sports and proper nutrition.

At the third and fourth stages of cellulite (fibrotic fat deposits), cosmetics will no longer help. But on the I and II quite!

Attention to the composition

Let’s figure out how anti-cellulite remedies work. They contain special components and substances that accelerate the process of fat burning. Stored fat consists of fatty acids (triglycerides) and water. The components of anti-cellulite products, which are able to penetrate the membrane of fat cells and build into them, destroy fat to acids and water. These acids are removed from the body with the bloodstream, filtering in the liver. This is a fairly long process, so you don’t need to wait for a miracle weight loss in three weeks. During this time, only water and toxins can be removed from the body. The entire process of getting rid of cellulite will take from 3 to 6 months.

The composition of anti-cellulite products should include drainage components that improve microcirculation in the skin, and substances that have splitting (lipotic) properties.

Drainage cream, Cosmetic Oil

To eliminate orange peel, first you need to remove excess water. And if you are only at the very beginning of the road, choose drainage tools. Be sure to pay attention to the composition, there must be caffeine. And, Yes, the cream doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, a drainage cream from Floresan costs less than a hundred rubles, but it has caffeine in it and it should work.

Alga Stick-Dren, Guam

Alga Stick-Dren, Guam, 1680 руб


Admit it, you also put off various wraps simply because it is inconvenient. Today, you can do without them. Transparent Alga Stick-Dren is applied to problem areas and begins to warm them up without any films. With it, you can go to fitness or just take a walk. be careful: do not apply more than twice to the same area for the first time. The reaction on the skin manifests itself within 10-15 minutes and can last for 1-2 hours.

Cactus Hugs, Organic Kitchen

Cactus Hugs,Organic Kitchen, 120 RUB


Scrub — an important stage in the fight for smoothness of the skin. It accelerates blood flow and flattens the terrain. But when it comes to cellulite, exfoliation alone is not enough, the components of the scrub are important. Our choice is Cactus Hugs with sea salt that removes the liquid and cactus extract for tone. It not only massages, but also warms the skin. Just the thing!

Hot Cream-Honey, Arabia LaboratoriesHot Cream-Honey, Arabia Laboratories, 960 RUB

Honey has long proven to be an excellent remedy for cellulite. But do not place all your hopes solely on him. It is unlikely that it will remove fat deposits on its own, but as part of the Hot Cream-Honey wrap, it will noticeably smooth the skin and have a drainage effect. In the second stage, this is usually enough.

Slim Extreme 4D Thermo Fat Burner, Eveline

Slim Extreme 4D Thermo Fat Burner, Eveline, 284 RUB


In the fight against cellulite, the phrase “burn fat” can be taken literally. The fact is that cellulite appears due to the stagnation of blood, to disperse it, you need to warm up the problem area and the blood will flow itself. Slim Extreme 4D works exactly on this principle: its components warm up the skin without wrapping and massage. Get ready, it’s going to be hot!

To get rid of cellulite (not from excess weight!), you need to focus on physical activity not at the expense of the gym and “rocking”, but by increasing the elasticity of ligaments and tendons, joint mobility. That is, it is recommended to engage in active Pilates, yoga, and breathing techniques, so that there is a proper circulation of lymph and blood in the body.

Birken Cellulite-Ol, Weleda

Birken Cellulite-Ol, Weleda, 1063 RUB


This tool will help to make massage with vacuum jars even more effective. While you work with your hands on the fat layer, birch juice has a lymphatic drainage effect. Life hack: oil applied to the skin visually turns stage II cellulite into stage I. But it is not worth abandoning the care, we do it for ourselves, don’t we?

Massage glove Gant de Massage, Biologique Recherche

Massage glove Gant de Massage, Biologique Recherche


If there is not enough time for a full massage and wraps, do it while you are in the shower. If you replace an ordinary washcloth with a silicone glove, you can massage the body well and arrange a full lymphatic drainage in

Concentrate for weight loss, Caudalie

Concentrate for weight loss, Caudalie, 2000 RUB

Another Express tool for those who do not have time for a full-fledged care. This oil warms the skin and accelerates the blood flow. It can be applied to a wet body after showering and even in the shower! The main thing is to blot then with a dry towel and you can go do business.

Dry massage brush, Mixit

Dry massage brush, Mixit, 995 RUB


Drybrushing is as convenient as possible! You don’t need to apply anything to your body to get a massage, you can do it while you’re watching a movie or chatting on the phone. Hard bristles remove the keratinized layer of skin and intensively disperse blood. Important: movements should be easy and pleasant, if you press hard, you can leave abrasions.

Anti-Cellulite, Yves Rocher

Anti-Cellulite, Yves Rocher, 1000 RUB


If the skin is dry and dehydrated, even the first stage of cellulite can resemble the second. It is necessary to work not only on the subcutaneous layer of fat, but also on the quality of the skin as a whole. Moisturize and moisturize again! When fighting cellulite, replace the usual cream with one that contains draining components. For example, this milk contains mangosteen, which stimulates the reduction of fat deposits.

Honey Ginger Body Wrap, Natura Siberica

Honey Ginger Body Wrap, Natura Siberica, 1500 RUB


This wrap contains honey and ginger. The first smoothes and scrubs the skin, and the second warms it up. If all this is wrapped still and under the film, you can well remove the excess liquid. This means that all methods of exorcising cellulite will be used.

Active anti-cellulite remedy in capsules, Collistar

Active anti-cellulite remedy in capsules, Collistar, 1899 RUB


Natural ingredients are both an advantage and a disadvantage of anti-cellulite products. They act quickly, but their expiration date is just as fast. It is worth abandoning the procedure, and the open jar is no longer suitable. And if you have this often, choose products in capsules. The sweaty gelatin shell of Collistar preserves all the useful substances and prevents oxidation of the components. So, the caffeine and escin from its composition will just as well disperse the blood even after a few months of interruption.

Anti-cellulite cream for use in the shower, VENUS

Anti-cellulite cream for use in the shower, VENUS, 1049 RUB


If there is not enough time for a massage, then there is always 15 minutes to take a shower. This is a necessity! What if we combine these procedures? Venus cream-gel is activated by water and steam and begins to work immediately after application. Apply it on a wet body and start washing your hair. For a warming effect, a couple of minutes is enough, after which the cream must be washed off.

Anti Cellulite + Stretch Marks, Riche

Anti Cellulite + Stretch Marks, Riche 945 RUB


Sometimes cellulite is the result of a sharp weight gain. And, therefore, it is quite possible to have not only an orange peel, but also stretch marks. The latter, unlike cellulite, cannot be completely eliminated, but can be made almost invisible. And if you have found out your problem here, make sure that your anti-cellulite products contain whitening citrus extracts. In Riche oil, lemon and grapefruit extracts are responsible for this.

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks, Palmers

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks, Palmers, 793 руб


This solid oil is included in our selection for three reasons: it is suitable for pregnant women, contains cocoa butter and vitamin E, necessary for smoothing the skin and smells very delicious! It can be used instead of the usual cream to improve the quality of the skin and restore its elasticity.

How to use anti cellulite products

At the first and second stages, it is necessary to apply a gel with a drainage effect on the entire surface of the legs in the morning, and in the evening, locally (by zones), apply an anti-cellulite agent that has a warming effect.

Procedure program

In addition to the proliferation of adipocytes (fat cells), the appearance of cellulite is also affected by impaired lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. Therefore you need to do a set of certain procedures:

  • start your body shaping program with drainage massages, salt baths, pressotherapy, swimming, baths, hardware techniques with radio frequency waves (2-3 times a week);
  • improve microcirculation with the help of vacuum massage, wraps, manual anti-cellulite massage, hardware infrared techniques, cryotherapy and mesotherapy;
  • drink at least 1.5 — 2 liters of water a day.


When choosing an anti-cellulite product, make sure that they contain the following components:

Kelp-affects the lymphatic system, helps to remove excess fluid from the body, gives tone to the skin.

Brown algae-also works to remove excess water.

Fucus algae-has lipolytic properties, destroys compounds in adipocytes, so that fat cells decrease in size.

Caffeine-has a lymphatic drainage effect, restores microcirculation.

Red Cayenne pepper — not recommended for people with fair skin, as well as those who have a tendency to form a capillary network on the skin (rosacea). An alternative can be a tool with nicotinic acid, which also normalizes microcirculation and is acceptable for rosacea.

Lipoxidase work on the reduction of the volume of the body, starting the lipolysis process.

Green tea extract-polyphenols contained in green tea stimulate microcirculation in the skin, and flavonoids have antioxidant properties, protecting against damage by free radicals.

Mate (Wild Holly) – rich in caffeine and therefore gives the effect of weight loss (works as a lipolytic). It also eliminates edema, providing a lymphatic drainage effect.

Camphor and menthol-quickly relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, have a strengthening effect on the vessels (strengthen the walls of vessels), improve the quality of the skin.



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