15 ways to strengthen your confined couple (rather than breaking it)

Some couples fear confinement. And for good reason, we are not made to live together 24 hours a day at the risk of killing each other (with PQ rollers …). Our ideas for strengthening ties rather than breaking them.

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The situation is unprecedented. The government asks the French to stay at home and to bring an exceptional travel certificate for their outings reduced to what is strictly necessary (going to the supermarket, stretching their legs in the neighborhood …). If young couples rejoice (or not) to find themselves in a new bubble – the opportunity to get to know each other better and to have a go at life together? – older people may be wondering how to put up with one another and not give in to the marital crisis in this particular and worrying context. History to slip a wind of optimism in our hair and because we will have to live from day to day, we offer you 15 ideas to strengthen your relationship and take advantage of this quarantine to make love triumph.

  • In bed we play the three minute game, which consists in asking “How would you like me to touch you?” and “How would you like to touch me?” Your partner responds before questioning you back. It’s inspiring and exciting, it helps to get to know each other better and it promises sex in a new tone.
  • We make a list of projects, at least things to do in the post-containment period. So many projections that help us to hold out. A walk to the market, salsa, aperitifs on the terrace? And the next big trip where we can play tourists, where will it be?
  • It’s not just Netflix in life : there is our good old TV, old DVDs, and VOD cine releases! So we take the time to concoct a little program that is fun.
  • We decide to take an interest in a subject (the platists, Dalida, the kale, the Covid-19, whatever you like) and we choose to explore it thoroughly. It keeps us busy and opens up long discussions.
  • We change the place of furniture, it gives us the impression of starting a new life.
  • We take baths together, something that we have always done only skiing.
  • We ban the word PQ from its vocabulary, to avoid any heated conversation such as: “I told you to stock up on% * {+ $” or “Stop using that many% * {+ $”.
  • We learn a few songs by heart to hum at 8pm at our windows… A great activity that we don’t think about enough. That I love you, that I love you.
  • We try to dress in the morning, even if it’s tempting to stay in your pajamas. It’s just that it energizes us and that it allows us to keep a positive image of the other.
  • We keep texting each other (me from the bed, you from the balcony…). We could almost pretend we miss each other.
  • We call our friends and our girlfriends, separately or not. The important thing is to maintain the external links to realize the chance that we have to be able to pamper our internal links.
  • We accept the place our phones take, because for now, we need to contact our loved ones, watch jokes on Twitter and read the news. We simply decide to take mobile breaks: for an hour, we do a detox (and a Scrabble).
  • We talk quietly, we learn to take it upon ourselves, to explain things gently in the event of a crisis. Why ? Because no one can take their suitcase and run away. The opportunity to learn benevolent communication.
  • We massage, because making love is good, but developing carnal contact and tenderness is sometimes better.
  • We read classics, because they are copyright free and available on the Internet. Afterwards, we discuss: and you, what do you think of Etienne Lantier, the hero of Germinal, and his sweet madness?
  • We practice coronasutra, question of adaptation. It must be recognized that certain positions of the Kamasutra are most of the time ignored … Why not take the time to discover them now that we have …?
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