1950s Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Many women of fashion have a misconception about glamor style. Lack of taste and knowledge gives rise to funny and ridiculous images, which then become a reason for ridicule. If you are interested in developing good taste, use the best examples to guide you. For example, take a look at wedding photos of famous brides from the 1950s.

Joan Collins 1952

The middle of the 20th century was the time of many successful designers, then very beautiful dresses were created, all this also applies to wedding fashion. Some outfits look very simple in themselves, but the finished looks are great. These dresses are especially interesting because, thanks to their mistresses, they influenced fashion and became part of history.

Jacqueline Kennedy 1953

Jane O Neils 1953

Virginia McKenna 1954

Debbie Reynolds 1955

Grace Kelly 1956

Grace Kelly 1956

Lady Anne Glenconner 1956

Jean Seberg 1958

Jayne Mansfield 1958

Millicent Martin 1958

Brigitte Bardot 1959

Julie Andrews 1959

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