1970-1980 wedding dresses and accessories

Each bride is faced with a difficult question – which wedding dress to choose for the main celebration. How not to get lost in the variety of models from wedding collections and choose the best. In search of inspiration, it is not at all necessary to look at current collections, because a wedding dress can be made to order, which means that we can focus on the images of brides from the distant past.

It seems that the 1970-1980s were quite recent, but if you measure the time with fashionable seasons, this is a distant past. How many fashion trends have changed each other during this time, how the ideals of beauty have changed! But in the wedding fashion, the changes were not so significant. Images of brides from 1970-1980 look very solemn and beautiful even today.

Bridal Fashion 1970

Wedding fashion 1970-1980

If you focus on the 1970s bridal fashion collections, you can discover that even then designers were offering brides alternative wedding looks. The most daring brides tried to match fashion trends, they chose short wedding dresses or generally white trousers with a blouse.

In addition, designers tried to replace the wedding veil with original hats, wreaths, tiaras and other hair ornaments. A wedding suit is still chosen by rare brides; in the 1970s, this fashion trend also did not find much support. Finding a photo of a 1970s bride in a white pantsuit is not easy.

Wedding hat

This is probably why the idea of ​​a trouser suit for a wedding gave way to fluffy dresses that came in the 1980s. Lush dresses with an abundance of lace, ribbons, ruffles, flounces and voluminous sleeves were called cake dresses. With the advent of the Internet, these voluminous outfits began to be ridiculed in fashion communities, but to this day, brides around the world often choose fluffy cake dresses rather than pantsuits.

Almost everything is permissible in wedding fashion today! You can wear a sheer dress, a model with any slits or plunging neckline, a black Victorian dress and a pant suit in silver fluorescent fabric. Everything will fit into the scenario of a modern wedding. Fashion gives us complete freedom and a wealth of choice, the main thing is to be able to wisely manage this freedom.

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