20 photos and technique of highlighting “marble” on dark hair

Stylists from different countries understand the so-called marble painting differently. In the West, this is a bright coloration with iridescent tints of color, or coloration in an ash scale with graphite reflections. But in Russia, marble staining is a technique that assumes a more conservative and elegant result. We will understand its features together with SalonSecret stylists.

What is marble hair coloring?

Marble hair coloring is one of the types of highlighting. The essence of the technique is to evenly dye the strands in one color, and then lighten some curls. This creates beautiful natural overflows that add depth and volume to the hairstyle. Most often this technique is performed in brown tones, which makes the effect as natural as possible. At the same time, the saturation of the color changes depending on the parting, which allows you to play with the image.

Marble coloring is considered a complex technique and is fraught with many pitfalls: it is necessary for the overflow and color combination to look natural. This requires high professionalism from the stylist and makes coloring impossible at home, also because the process involves lightening, which should only take place in the salon for the good of your hair.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • this highlight does not affect the entire mass of hair, which means it inflicts minimal damage on them;
  • thanks to the multi-layered marble coloring with each new hairstyle hair looks different;
  • growing back hair looks neat due to the fact that the streaked strands do not start at the roots;
  • because of the play of shades the hairstyle looks voluminous and lively, refreshing the image.


  • at home and it will not be possible to perform this staining on your own;
  • since the technique is complex, in the cabin the price for it can be quite high.

Who is it suitable for?

Marble coloring is ideal for long and medium hair, but for short, alas, it will not be possible to “play out” and reveal all the advantages of this technique. As for the original color, then marble will look best on initially dark strands – dark blond or chestnut.

How to choose a shade for highlighting “marble”?

Choosing a shade for marble staining is easier than for regular highlights. After all, in fact, first the hair must be tinted in one color – this is how the ideal background is achieved, which means that the “source” can be almost anything.

For dark hair

Dark hair is already a good canvas for such highlights. You can freshen up the color of the strands by toning a little darker, and make light nuances ash, caramel, copper or golden. Depends on the “degree” of the basic tone: to warm – warm shades, to cold – cold. This is a basic rule that applies to all colors.

For light

The effect of the marbled coloring on light hair will not be as striking and bright as on dark hair. But you can try. On blond hair, strands of ash, golden and wheat tones look beautiful.

For fair-haired

Depending on whether your appearance (skin, hair) is warm or cold, light brown can be beaten in different ways. You can tint the strands into chestnut and lighten the part to golden, or you can – into milk chocolate and add ashy nuances.

Photo with ideas for marble dyeing on hair of different lengths

We have collected photos of the best results of marble highlighting on different haircuts. Watch and make your choice!

For short hair

Very short hair is not recommended for marble dyeing – it is difficult to truly implement this technique on them. But hairstyles, which are already an intermediate option between short and medium, are great for this method.

For medium length hair

The elongated bob-square looks in a new way in an unusual marble coloring. More interesting and lively marble highlighting looks on slightly curled hair.

Long hair

Marble coloring perfectly emphasizes the nuances of cascading haircuts. The considerable length of the hair allows you to embody the idea to the maximum: the strands shimmer beautifully with related shades.

Technique for performing staining “marbled”

Technique for performing marble staining

The algorithm for performing marble highlighting is quite simple. The devil, as usual, is in the details that only a professional can handle.

  1. First full hair length the desired shade of paint is applied.
  2. Then on the selected strands bleaching powder is appliedseparating them from the bulk of the hair with foil.
  3. The whole composition is aged required time and then washed off. The lightened areas are tinted.
  4. After the hair is processed shampoo, conditioner and dried.
marble staining

It sounds simple, but a lot depends on the skill of the stylist, on his creative vision in this technique. After all, it is important to correctly determine the base color, choose the strands so that the result looks natural and beautiful, and not as the result of an unsuccessful experiment.

Marble staining can be done in different ways. The most popular of these are zigzag and darning.

Zigzag pattern

The essence of this scheme for applying the brightening composition is as follows: the hair is divided into a zigzag parting. Because of this, when changing not just a hairstyle, but even a parting, the coloring will look different.

Scheme of sticks

Darning scheme for marble staining

One of the classic highlighting schemes: a large flat strand is divided with the help of a sharp comb handle into several small ones, which are then lightened. This option allows you to highlight some strands and make the overall tone lighter without affecting all the hair.

How to care for colored hair?

Darning pattern for marble staining 2

Marble coloring includes lightening – a rather traumatic procedure for hair. After it, it is important to nourish your hair with special masks and conditioners. Also, in order to preserve the brightness of the color for a long time, experts advise using means that protect the shade.


Modern high-tech shampoo is an important part of regular hair care. To make it work to the fullest, use it in two passes: the first time it will cleanse the hair of impurities, and the second will allow useful substances to penetrate inside. In this case, the second time it is better to leave the shampoo on the hair for a short time – a minute or two is more than enough.

  • In the shampoo Redken Extreme contains ceramides and natural lipids – the building blocks of hair. They strengthen the hair from the inside and make it soft and shiny on the outside. This remedy is suitable for the most damaged strands, restoring them and preventing breakage.
  • Shampoo Keep Me Vivid from Matrix delicately cleanses colored hair and promises to protect color for up to 65 days – more than two months without a visit to the salon! Keep Me Vivid especially suitable for bright and pastel shades that are easily washed out. And if your marble color is dominated by brown tones, try Matrix Dark Envy.


Masks are the category of products that can really radically transform hair. To enhance the effect, you can increase the holding time on the hair and further warm it up.

  • Mask Vitamino Color from L’Oreal Professional so powerful that it only takes 1 minute to express itself. This product contains no pigments, only resveratrol (a natural polyphenol derived from grape skin), which helps maintain color for up to eight weeks. The formula of the product deeply nourishes the hair, making it stronger and softer.
  • Concentrated mask Biolage Deep Treatment has a cumulative effect, caring for the color and structure of colored hair. They are easy to comb and do not get confused, the shade remains versatile and radiant. The main active ingredients of this treatment are of natural origin: apricot seeds and orchid extract.

Thermal protection

Drying and styling cause great harm to the hair due to the high temperature – sometimes the damage can be catastrophic (if, for example, you use tongs or an iron on wet hair, the hair in this case literally “boils” from the inside). Therefore, it is important to use special means that protect the strands from harmful effects.

  • Thermal protection Matrix Brass Off softens strands, smoothes cuticles and protects curls from temperatures up to 232 degrees.
  • Thermal protection cream Absolut Repair from L’Oreal Professional with golden quinoa grain extract and wheat protein turns hot styling into a useful procedure: hair is strengthened, nourished and completely protected from high (up to 230 degrees) temperatures – stylists adore it for this feature. By the way, many people note the efficiency of the product, as well as its invisibility and imperceptibility on the hair.

With proper care, your marble stain every day will look like you just left the salon. What brand secrets keep your color-treated hair vibrant?


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