20 tips to be in good shape during any vacation

Nothing better than to take advantage of summer, a season when the days are longer, where we have more time (and motivation!), And where we are cooler and more open to changes, to put in place of small rituals that do us good.

On the program, you pamper your body and mind with simple gestures and exercises accessible to all, and you optimize your sleep so that it is more restorative.
You will see, just by changing (a little bit) your vocabulary, or talking to each other aloud, walking barefoot, you do yourself good!

We let ourselves live: we brave without complex, we dance without judging ourselves in our kitchen, we smile at each other in the mirror, we walk proudly …

Finally, before going to bed, think of scenting your pillow with essential oils with soothing properties, to fall asleep in no time. And better still, before slipping into bed, we allow ourselves a parenthesis, to take stock of the positive things and small pleasures of the day, just to have sweet dreams.

The goal? We can also set ourselves the goal of integrating one ritual per day into our program, or simply select a few, according to our desires. And of course, the idea is to continue at the start of the school year… And all year round!

Discover 20 tips to be in great shape during any vacation

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