2019 sales: these white dresses that will make perfect wedding dresses (at all prices)

Difficult to afford a reasonable budget and dress of your dreams. Fortunately, the sales period makes it possible to reconcile the two parameters. Evidenced by this selection of the most beautiful white dresses on sale that a modern bride could wear.

A puzzle to find your wedding dress? Few think about it, but the sales are the perfect opportunity to find the perfect outfit. Often forgotten, the white dresses of some brands can turn out to be much more original than a classic wedding dress.

In pictures, the white dresses on sale ideal for getting married

Married at all costs

Thanks to the sales, the brand dress, the price of which is often hesitant, becomes within our reach. Often more original than a classic model for brides, the white dress is available as a shirt at Kenzo or Burberry. For the more daring, Jacquemus is selling her Riviera fringed dress while Paule Ka offers a creation with flowing flowers.

In video, the most beautiful wedding dresses of the stars

For smaller budgets, you can also find the dream wedding dress at Asos, which sells a model with a beautiful cape, or even at Nasty Gal and its asymmetrical dress with sleeves with hearts. Because whatever the price, as long as the ceremony is beautiful.


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