22 Vogue editors-in-chief on their favorite things

Anna Wintour, Vogue US

Everyone knows that diamonds are an eternal thing. So, amethysts, citrines and aquamarines are in no way inferior to them in reliability. These are the stones that adorn the SJ Phillips necklace, which I got back in the 1980s, when I got married in New York. When I put it on, I think about my husband, children and how my career began as editor-in-chief of Vogue. For me, this necklace is the embodiment of the term sustainability, it will forever remain an integral part of my wardrobe.

Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris

I can’t live without APC Butler jeans When I first bought them, they were deep blue and became lighter and lighter over the years. Their current shade is completely unique. In my opinion, artificial aging of denim is the worst thing that can be done in relation to the environment. My jeans have achieved the desired effect naturally, which I am very happy about.

Emanuele Farnetti, Vogue Italy

This white linen jacket once belonged to my grandfather Adolfo Beria. He was a judge and played an important role in the history of Italy. The jacket is almost the same age as me, but it is getting older much more elegantly. It suits me perfectly. I think things by themselves do not really matter until people breathe life into them, filling them with beautiful memories.

Edward Enninful, British Vogue

My favorite piece of clothing I got in the 1990s was the black Jil Sander jacket. I’ve been wearing it for more than 20 years now, and people keep asking where I got this wonderful thing. For me, this jacket embodies the essence of respect for nature: small circulation, high quality, an investment for a lifetime.

Christiana Arp, Vogue Germany

My favorite item in my wardrobe is the Chanel jacket from the spring-summer 2011 collection. The creative director of the house, Eric Pfrander, gave it to me after one photo shoot. I was then worried about the loss of a loved one, Karl Lagerfeld knew and informed Eric about it. The jacket has magical powers: as soon as I put it on, I immediately feel safe, as if in the arms of a friend or relative. He literally radiates life and love.

Philip Vlasov, Vogue Ukraine

The gray sweatshirt is the staple of my everyday looks. It goes well with a white tee and a pair of plain black pants, but it looks just as good with ripped jeans and trainers. In the summer I wear lightweight Sunspel models, in the winter I choose Mackintosh – their sweatshirts are made of thick cotton and keep their shape perfectly, and meanwhile they give me warmth and comfort.

Seda Domanic, Vogue Turkey

I am the proud owner of the Ralph Lauren Dream Denim Jumpsuit and love wearing it on vacation. It’s just perfect for hiking, biking, long walks and gardening. In my favorite overalls, I feel free, it does not hold down a bit and, moreover, does not wrinkle at all, so it is simply irreplaceable when traveling. Every time I bump into him in the closet, I remember the joyful moments associated with him. I remember wearing it for wine tasting in the Spanish Rioja.

Edwina McCann, Vogue Australia

I am in awe of my Australian designer Martin Grant’s high-waisted flared trousers. I have had them for many years and are suitable for absolutely everything. The trousers are made of breathable Australian merino wool, which is cool in summer and warm in winter. I will never part with them!

Andrea Behunkova, Vogue Czech Republic

I received most of my jewelry as gifts, so they mean a lot to me. The Repossi ring was presented to me for my last birthday, the Victoire de Castellane ring for the birth of my daughter. When I was born, my grandmother gave me a gold necklace with an engraved pendant. The product is very fragile, so I rarely wear it. I dream of passing it on to my granddaughter one day – if, of course, I am lucky enough to have her.

I also collect shoes. Now I don’t have many pairs, but one of them is especially dear to me – the shoes of the Czech brand Denisa Nová, I’ve been wearing them for more than ten years.

Eugenia de la Torriente, Vogue Spain

I have an impressive collection of black dresses. I wear them so often that they have actually become my uniform. This Sybilla dress is one of my favorites. His designer understands the female body like no other. It beautifully emphasizes the figure and is very comfortable at the same time. My dress is perfect for travel – it will fit into any situation, as I say to you. In it, I met with the Obama couple in Madrid, watched the Gucci show in Florence, put it on in the office on a typical day. This may sound like a cliché, but in my opinion, a little black dress is the heart of any wardrobe.

Priya Tanna, Vogue India

I’ve been wearing these solitaire diamond earrings for over 20 years. I consider them to be one of my most reasonable investments: such a piece of jewelry will never go out of fashion and will fit into any image. The stones are round, but the frame is designed so that they appear a little angular. These earrings are my faithful companions, a classic for all time.

Kullavit Laosuksri, Vogue Thailand

I do not part with my Issey Miyake Homme pleated blazer when traveling. Brought it from Tokyo many, many years ago. I remember how I instantly fell in love with the folds and the color, but I doubted about the angular square silhouette. In the end, it was this casual fit that made the jacket the perfect complement to my travel looks. And the coolest thing is that it doesn’t wrinkle at all!

Manuel Arnault, Vogue Arabia

This gold-embroidered jacket with a traditional silhouette is worthy of being in a museum. It took over a hundred hours of work to create it. The author of the masterpiece is a designer from Saudi Arabia Leila Moussa. She is a good friend of mine, which makes the thing even more beloved. The jacket is definitely not one of the everyday ones, so I keep it in a prominent place so that I can admire and remember all those wonderful moments that were lived in it. I walk it on special occasions, like a friend’s wedding or the Ball of Arabia charity event hosted by our magazine.

Angelica Chung, Vogue China

I love white blouses, they are so versatile: they fit perfectly into everyday looks, and even in the evening they are irreplaceable, I am used to combining them with elegant jackets. My absolute favorite is the Huishan Zhang white silk blouse. The designer has created some wonderful options especially for me: white, blue and fuchsia (such a beautiful shade). I met him when he first launched his brand and witnessed his transformation into one of the most successful Chinese designers of his generation. These blouses give me the opportunity to feel like a part of this story.

Karla Martines de Salas, Vogue Mexico

I found this Balenciaga jacket at Barneys and immediately bought it, it was nine years ago. Since then I can’t buy jackets – mine spoiled me, he is absolutely perfect.

Philip Niedenthal, Vogue Poland

When I bought this Helmut Lang coat from the Fall / Winter 2000 collection, I was only 22 and just got my diploma. I had almost no money, I can hardly remember how I could afford it. All I remember is that it was an impulse buy – I just walked into Harvey Nichols on a September afternoon and bought a coat. I have always admired Helmut Lang and this collection in particular. In addition to the removable leather collar pads, the coat once had two straps at the waist, but I lost them somewhere. It means a lot to me. This is the only Helmut Lang item in my wardrobe.

Talia Carafillidu, Vogue Greece

This vintage Céline blouse used to belong to my mom and she bought it 20 years ago. Last year, my mother finally gave the blouse to me, she always knew that I was in love with her. Still, this thing is an absolute classic, you can wear it during the day, and with the right accessories, shine in it in the evening. The fabric is incredible to the touch. Every time I put on this blouse, I think about my mom.

Kwanho Shin, Vogue Korea

Early in my career, I worked for Jin Teok, one of the most influential Korean brands. There I learned some of the most important lessons for a fashion industry worker. I remember that I spent my first salary on my family, and I spent the second on a custom-made shirt of this brand. It has been in my wardrobe for over 20 years and serves as a reminder of the key milestones in my career. I still wear it on special occasions.

Paula Merlo, Vogue Brazil

I bought a Ralph Lauren denim shirt when I was 13. My dad and I went skiing in Vail. This thing has been in my closet for 24 years and still sits perfectly on me. I wear it so often that holes have already frayed in some places, but this is what makes my shirt so unique and so beloved. So many good memories are associated with her.

Mitsuko Watanabe, Vogue Japan

I bought a black Balenciaga tuxedo ten years ago, when Nicolas Ghesquière was still the creative director of this house. I try to take care of it, wear it on special occasions, to parties and dinner parties. There is something very special about Ghesquière’s modern aesthetics. This jacket is not just a timeless thing, it is also incredibly well made. It is very comfortable in it and a flawless silhouette is guaranteed.

Masha Fedorova, Vogue Russia

In February 2018, I was appointed editor-in-chief of Russian Vogue. As soon as she found out, my best friend called me and said that it was necessary to celebrate this event. We started with a story called “The Devil Wears Prada”. She came to pick me up, and after a couple of minutes we were standing in front of the Prada boutique. I was thinking about buying something that I can wear all year round, which will forever become an important part of my wardrobe.

I found this dress in the back corner of the store. It is from the capsule collection, therefore it is strikingly different from what is usually presented in the main one. The cherished dress has been with me for two years, during which time I wore it countless times. Almost always, when I put it on, I get a lot of compliments. By the way, Anna Wintour has exactly the same, I saw her in it in one of the episodes of the course on MasterClass. I love my dress – it’s perfect for the summer, and when it gets colder, you can wear it in a duet with a woolen jacket, it looks great.

Sofia Lucas, Vogue Portugal

I was about six or seven years old when my mother bought a set of three wool V-neck sweaters: burgundy, navy and black. I still remember how much I hated them then, especially the black one. They were big for me and reminded me of my grandfather’s clothes. Mom, on the other hand, liked the colors and quality of the yarn. But no matter how much she tried to get me to wear them, I refused again and again.

Years later, I came across my old sweaters in a dresser drawer. I was about to take them to a charitable organization, when suddenly nostalgia swept over me. I tried them on and … they sat perfectly, the shape was preserved flawlessly. Now, 40 years later, I can’t get out of these sweaters. My teenage daughter (she does not know their origin) loves to borrow them from time to time. This story taught me a thing or two – first, moms are almost always right, and things, like people, almost always deserve a second chance.


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