25 photos of staining with darkening

Just a few years ago perfect blond a light shade uniform along the entire length was considered. Desirable cold, ashy. They got rid of dark roots as quickly as possible – blondes were forced to go to the salon almost twice a month. Everyone seemed to have forgotten that even natural blonde girls have dark roots, and were striving for an unreal blonde – such as that of fairy-tale characters or children. However, the shade equally light along the entire length looks too unnatural – like a wig. Indeed, in fact, the roots are always darker, and the tips eventually fade in the sun. However, earlier hairdressers simply did not come up with techniques to achieve a light coloration that was as close to natural as possible.

handsome blond

Now the situation has changed dramatically: a “dear” beautiful blond is necessarily a blond with dark roots. Of course, not with an even overgrown strip, but with a smooth transition of close to natural dark to the desired light. Take a look at any famous blonde, be it Svetlana Loboda or Melania Trump: she will definitely have roots that are slightly different in color from the main color. Because it looks natural, stylish and relevant.

To make such a coloring, you need to walk a little with regrown roots – so that the master can see the natural color.

blond with dark roots

If you are just going to become a blonde, then immediately choose this technique. If you have been painting in total blond for many years, then the master will have a little more difficulty – you will need to paint over the roots in dark so that it looks natural and one color smoothly passes into another. To do this, they came up with the dim out technique, but about it a little later.

It is important that the contrast is not too harsh. It’s not only about the clear border between shades, but also about the difference in colors. The main thing is the natural effect, and have you ever seen that in nature, black roots turn into white hair?

who suits

As is the case with red lipstick, blond goes to everyone, you just need to find your own shade. And if blond suits you, then blond with dark roots will suit you too. Perhaps it is easier to say who such staining will not suit. The only color type that is better off not experimenting with this option is the albino. Girls whose hair is completely devoid of pigment with white eyebrows and eyelashes will look strange with dark roots. However, if you tint your eyebrows, then you can consider this coloring option.

with dark eyes

Natural brunettes with dark eyes it is worth leaving more dark roots and doing the maximum stretching of the color: techniques like balayage and ombre fit perfectly.

blonde with light eyes

Girls with native light brown hair color as if made for a blonde with dark roots. If you choose the right shade of light paint, it will seem that you were born with this hair color.

Blond staining with dark roots has solid merits. Judge for yourself:

  • looks natural,
  • does not require frequent visits to the hairdresser for adjustments,
  • grows beautifully
  • looks expensive and luxurious,
  • adds volume to the hairstyle,
  • suitable for women of any age.
types of staining

There are few cons. The main one is the price. Such coloring requires the skill of a colorist, which means that it cannot be cheap.

There are different ways to achieve the effect of naturally growing dark roots on a blond. Let’s talk about the most popular ones.

Ombre involves a fairly large area of ​​dark roots (approximately up to the cheekbones) and a smooth but noticeable transition to a radically light color. Looks perfect with natural dark colors.

Unlike the previous technique, when staining by balalaika method the border between shades is vague and difficult to distinguish. Dark roots smoothly and at different levels turn into a lighter base color.

In this technique, the strands are painted in different shades of blond and brown, which makes the color multifaceted, and the transition from dark roots to light ends is subtle.

To make shatush, the hairdresser combs the hair and dyes only the free areas. This allows for the most natural color transition.

The dimout technique is performed on hair already dyed in light color and consists precisely in darkening the roots. The dark paint is shaded so that the borders are not noticeable.

We have decided on the technicians, now we are going to tell you what nuances of a blond look good with regrown dark roots. In fact, almost everything!


Very light cold blond blends gorgeous with dark roots. And even requires them! Indeed, without this “detail”, such a color may look too artificial – like a wig.

ash blond

Ash blonde shades suggest the same ash roots, but a few shades darker. This will give the color depth and sophistication.

dark blond

Warm blondes are great for brown-haired women – they can stretch the color, leaving the roots natural. It will look noble and natural.

cold blond

Cold blond is the most desirable and sometimes difficult to achieve. And he requires care … Dark roots will make life easier for cold blondes – they, of course, do not cancel toning shampoos, but they will seriously lengthen the time between visits to the hairdresser.

Speaking of toning shampoos! Give a gorgeous blonde (that is, yourself, mom or friend) a set Blondifier “Gorgeous blond” for the New Year. In the designer box you will find a professional shampoo that neutralizes yellowness on cold blond shades, and a wonderful mask that will give your hair a dazzling shine.

pink blond

Only it seems that pink blond is good in itself. Dark roots are also suitable for him – they can be brown or ash, the main thing is that the “temperature” of the shades coincides. Cold – to cold, warm – to warm.

Each stylist prefers to work with his own line of dyes, which is familiar to him and gives a predictable result. Here are a couple of professional colorists’ favorites:

Majirel, L’Oréal Professionnel, paints over 100% gray hair (it will be especially noticeable on dark roots) and leaves hair in excellent condition – almost better than before! All thanks to the Ionen G and Incell double care technology, which affects the hair at all levels of its structure., Matrix, adapts to the natural hair color, which allows you to achieve a noble natural shade. This dye contains the Cera.Oil complex. It conditions, but does not weigh down the hair, allowing the dye to lie perfectly flat.

To darken the roots of blondes, stylists use the dimout technique, or root. It belongs to complex dyeing techniques and for a reason – its implementation requires great skill and high qualifications from the stylist. It is important to choose the right shade and apply the paint so that the effect is natural. We will tell you in general terms how professionals manage to achieve this.

  1. Hair is distributed longitudinally. The mixture of the desired shade is applied only to the roots, as quickly as possible. It is important that those areas that should not be stained do not come into contact with the roots.
  2. At the temples and at the back of the head, the darkened areas should gradually become longer.
  3. Each colored strand must be smoothly shaded so that the transition is invisible. Some do it with a comb.
  4. After the time required for the action of the paint has been kept, it is washed off with a special shampoo, a conditioner is applied, the hair is washed off and styled.
hair care

It seems nothing complicated, but the slightest mistake – incorrectly shaded paint, too dark shade – will immediately turn the hairstyle into a disaster. The SalonSecret experts strongly advise against experimenting and trying to replicate this at home!

Caring for a blond with dark roots is not much different from caring for any blond. It is important to constantly moisturize and nourish bleached hair. This will help a concentrate mask for deep hydration of colored hair. Biolage Deep Treatment Colorlast, Biolage… It contains extracts of orchids and apricot seeds. Already after the first application, the hair shines and is easy to comb. What is nice, the effect is cumulative.

If your blond is cold, then you can’t do without special products with purple pigment that neutralize yellowness. This can be shampoo, conditioner, or mask. Experts recommend using at least shampoo and conditioner and praise ruler Blondifier, L’Oréal Professionnel… These funds allow you to maintain a noble cold shade for a long time. Especially good shampoo Blondifier Cool – the acai berry polyphenols included in its composition strengthen hair and make it shiny and smooth.

We advise you to add Blondifier Cool classic smoothing shampoo, mask and spray from this range – your trendy blond will be well-groomed and radiant every day

On dark roots, scalp problems such as flaking or dandruff may be noticeable. This, of course, immediately negates all the beauty of coloring. To solve the root problem, at the first alarms, use Anti-Pelliculaire bath shampoo, Kérastase, – it cleanses the scalp from both dry and oily dandruff for 8 weeks.


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