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Will dyeing bright colors ruin your hair?

staining in bright colors

Violet, emerald, mint, coral – today’s innovative dyeing technologies allow you to choose any bright hair color. Colorists advise focusing on your color type and boldly trying on unique and bold tones. At the same time, bright shades of hair look equally advantageous on monochromatic dyeing and when using technologies ombre and highlighting. This fashion trend has long been picked up by world-class stars: Katy Perry, Hilary Duff, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Rita Ora and Nicole Richie do not get tired of experimenting with fashionable coloring in bright colors and set the tone for fashionistas all over the planet!

“Like makeup, hair color helps to highlight personality. But in pursuit of experiments, women often sacrifice the health of their hair. Fortunately, with the advent of L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond bonding, coloration has become a completely different level – now they not only give beautiful color, but also strengthen the hair structure, make it softer and more manageable. ”

Anthony Diaz
Master Stylist Baxter of California

In what bright color to dye your hair: the choice of shade

Now that we’ve learned that dyeing your hair bright colors won’t hurt, it’s time to decide which bright color to dye your hair. Experts recommend paying attention to the palette of ammonia-free coloring pigment Matrix SoColor Cult, where you will find the right bright shade – whether you want to paint just one strand or turn into a rainbow unicorn.

“Matrix SoColor Cult is perfect for creating trendy colorations. The high concentration of pigment and caring ingredients makes the color rich and shiny. ”

Egor Fastov
Stylist, technologist Matrix

What is capable of Cult in the hands of a professional? Check out this year’s most iconic and summery outfits – unconventional, undeniably fashionable and inviting.

SoColor Cult Фуксия

SoColor Cult Фуксия

Beautiful bright hair coloring: this shade will look magical in combination with brown or transparent blue eyes!

SoColor Cult Turquoise Mermaid

SoColor Cult Turquoise Mermaid

A bold decision that perfectly complements an informal summer look and perfectly rhymes with a white and blue wardrobe. Colorists suggest mixing dyes, adding vintage dusty notes to turquoise – you get a hit that is quite appropriate in everyday life.

SoColor Cult Pink bubble gum

SoColor Cult Pink bubble gum

A great way to grab attention, make your look more childish, or just have some fun this summer! By the way, pink is the main answer this season to the question “What is the best way to dye your hair strands in a bright color?” Pastel or eccentric shade – you decide.

SoColor Cult Fresh Squeezed Orange

SoColor Cult Fresh Squeezed Orange

Sparkling with energy and at the same time delicate orange tone. Looks great both on a tan background and with pale skin. It is clearly associated with the last warm August evenings, aperol and the coming autumn.

Looking for more color ideas? Check popular publications by hashtags #mermaidhair, #peekaboohair, #lavenderhair, #pastelage, #colorfulhair or just #socolorcult – there are many of them, and you will definitely find something suitable: for dyeing your hair in bright colors of photos – thousands and thousands! And for complete confidence in your choice, listen to the advice of fashionable stylists.

“Trending vibrant colors this season are charcoal black, marble gray, sea sand, boiling white, royal purple, passionate red, fresh squeezed orange, sapphire, summer foliage, Persian green, sea lagoon, faded denim, orange peel.”

Egor Fastov
Stylist, technologist Matrix

Technology for dyeing strands and ends of hair in bright colors

Strand dyeing technology

As with any coloring, it is better to entrust a riot of bright colors on your hair to a specialist, and not do it at home. Only a professional colorist will be able to achieve the desired shade, because he will take into account the individual characteristics of your hair. In addition, the creation of a painting pattern implies a personalized approach, the process itself is akin to art.

As a rule, colorists act according to the following scheme:

  • assess the condition of the hair, their structure, find out when and with what materials the previous coloring was carried out;
  • listen to the client’s wishes: what kind of bright hair color he wants;
  • the master selects the shade of the desired color – or several to the skin tone, type of appearance and characteristics of the hair;
  • Before dyeing, to achieve a uniform light base, a lightening composition is applied to the hair with the addition of additional hair protection during bleaching. Have Matrix there is powder for this Light Master, salon shampoo Re-Bond and pre-air conditioning Re-Bond, a u L’Oreal Professional – pasta Blond Studio Platinum and Smartbond.
  • then the strands are dyed in the desired color or dyed with bright accents.

And remember that a competent specialist never neglects the opinion of the client and always listens to his wishes beforehand. As says Frederic Mennetier, master colorist L’Oreal Professional: “This is our duty!”

Caring for brightly colored hair: what the experts recommend

Care for brightly colored hair

Bright shades require even more careful maintenance than natural dyeing. After the salon, the hair will look great, but without proper care, the shine of the color will fade pretty quickly. Consider grooming products before visiting your master!

We learned from stylists not only about how they dye their hair in bright colors, but also what products they prefer to care for curls.

Reflection Chromatique Shampoo Bath by Kérastase

Preventing the settling of dirty particles on the surface of the hair, Chromatic perfectly protects brightly colored hair. In addition, the shampoo effectively evens the surface of the hair and gives it an unrivaled shine thanks to its beneficial ingredients – rice bran oil, UV filter, vitamin E and a zinc derivative.

Matrix Keep Me Vivid Shampoo

Sulfate-free cleaning is the optimal solution after coloring in bright or pastel shades. Delicate shampoo Matrix prevents color washout, guaranteeing up to 65 days of saturation and tone. With it, you will not need color correction in the next two months.

UV Défense Active mask from Kérastase

This mask is designed to protect hair of bright colors from ultraviolet radiation, but stylists appreciate it for its ability to nourish the strands as much as possible, therefore it is recommended for taking care of the color after bleaching. In addition, it helps to make hair more manageable and smoother, which also contributes to the full disclosure of a bright, radiant color.

Keep Me Vivid Conditioner by Matrix

One of the most effective ways to preserve your favorite color is smoothing care. Air conditioning Keep Me Vivid glazes strands, enhances their shine and prevents damage to artificial pigments.

Elixir Ultime Oil for Colored Hair by Kérastase

Oil with imperial tea extract helps to convey the full depth of hair color, protects them from high temperatures (up to 230 degrees) when styling with a hairdryer or ironing. An additional bonus – intensive nourishment of the hair after using the dye for bright hair coloring: curls look shiny and incredibly soft to the touch.

Matrix Velvetizer leave-in care

Apply Velvetizer from mid-length to ends for softening and shine. And do not rinse – care for the whole day will protect the hair from ultraviolet radiation, emphasize the relief of staining, and slow down the fading of the shade. And most importantly, it moisturizes well. If the strands are prone to dryness, porous, or their condition leaves much to be desired, make friends with this cream, it will instantly transform them.

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