3 best hardware facial treatments in winter

The vast majority of women are wondering how to properly care for their face in winter. Unfavorable weather conditions, temperature changes, cold scalding wind, dry indoor air from heaters and air conditioners – all this negatively affects the condition of the skin, dehydrates it, reduces protective functions, provokes the premature appearance of signs of aging and wrinkles, rashes, peeling, feeling of dryness, etc. tightness.

Women are selflessly fighting this problem, but often home care is not enough. Then cosmetology hardware procedures come to the rescue. As it turned out, there are a lot of “winter” procedures, but today we will tell you about 3 of the best of them. Take note and write off to believe the effect on yourself.


The first photo rejuvenation procedure on our list. It is often placed on a par with plastic surgery, because the effectiveness of photorejuvenation is simply amazing. The indisputable advantage of photorejuvenation is that this procedure can solve many female problems without requiring any surgical intervention. It relieves women of age spots and spider veins, smoothes fine wrinkles and creases, visibly tightens the skin and refreshes the complexion. The average duration of the course of photorejuvenation is from 3 to 5 sessions, this is quite enough to prepare your face for the winter, and to meet the spring fully armed.

Ultrasonic face cleansing

This modern procedure is a very popular, fast and non-traumatic hardware technique that allows women to solve various problems with facial skin. The most popular ultrasonic cleaning is used by women with oily and problem skin, as it helps to normalize the glands, narrow pores and destroy superficial comedones. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning activates the production of collagen and metabolic processes in skin cells, which in turn slows down aging and reduces the number of mild wrinkles.


Our Top procedure closes, and which every second woman definitely dreams of. RF-lifting is a procedure for modeling the oval of the face and rejuvenating the dermis without surgery, only using the hardware method. The essence of lifting is the effect of radio waves on the deep layers of the skin, which leads to the synthesis of collagen. As a result, the skin becomes taut, dense, the relief and tone are leveled, the pores are narrowed, the tone improves, etc. The effect of the lifting procedure is noticeable from the first time, but you will get the best results after 3-4 procedures.

Now you know what to do with yourself this winter and how to prepare for the coming spring.


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