3 common mistakes when applying hair oil

To keep their hair smooth and silky, girls resort to different methods. One of them is the use of oils. They are used as masks, thereby nourishing the hair and making it healthier. These can be masks with other components, or only oil masks.

However, girls make mistakes when applying oils to their hair, but they themselves do not realize it. Errors lead to the fact that instead of a positive result, the opposite is true. When there is no such effect as expected, girls think that the whole thing is in the oil, in its quality and quantity. It really is about how the oil is used.

It is worth paying attention to the following points. Sometimes the result depends on them.

  1. Cold oil

Many people apply oil to their hair without heating it. To make the effect more noticeable, the head was “insulated”. First, they put on a plastic bag, and wrap it up with a scarf on top. Someone else warms up with a hairdryer. But there is no result. This is because warm oil quickly penetrates the follicle and begins to act. Therefore, before use, the oil must be heated in a water bath.

  1. Oil for slightly damp hair

Another common mistake is applying oil to dry hair. It is not right. First, the oil just drips off. Secondly, it is absorbed much worse. Therefore, it is best to wait until the hair is slightly dry after washing your hair. Then the oil is applied to slightly damp hair.

In order not to wash your hair on purpose, you can simply spray water on dry curls.

  1. Too much oil

Some girls prefer to act on the principle: the more oil, the better. Therefore, a lot of funds are applied to the head. As a result, the effect is not what we would like. The oil will simply clog the scalp and will be very difficult to wash off the hair. Even after washing your hair a few times, it will feel dirty and greasy. In the case of oils, you don’t need to be too zealous. The best option is a moderate amount of the product, evenly distributed over the entire length of the strands.

The above mistakes must be known so as not to commit them when applying oil masks to the hair. Then the curls will be thanked with their shine and healthy look.


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