3 essential tips for fixing your makeup when wearing a mask

If it is now mandatory rightly so in certain situations, wearing a mask can have harmful effects on the skin and on the holding your makeup. In addition, with the temperatures rising, wearing a mask can make you sweat more. This perspiration has an impact on the skin and on your make-up, even if you have adopted ideal makeup to wear with a mask. How well to fix makeup under the mask? Discover three easy and effective tips as well as our selection of favorite products to fix makeup and be on top all day!

1. Fix makeup under the mask: apply a base

With or without a mask, makeup bases are essential if you want top results for a long time. They have a fundamental role, because they make it possible to grip the make-up so that it is more intense and that it resists everything … Even when wearing a mask! There are bases for the face, for the eyes and even for the mouth. A foundation is very useful with the mask, and it can even be used on its own if you want. In addition, there are some for all skin types. If you tend to glow throughout the day, then a mattifying base is ideal, because it will blur shrink pores and absorb excess sebum (responsible for shine). You have the dry and / or sensitive skin ? Bet on a moisturizing base. Also note that there are tinted foundation bases. Thus, the redness will be reduced by bases with green undertones and dull complexions or yellow tones will be highlighted by a more purple base. Your foundation will thus be applied on a already unified and corrected skin, for a result that lasts despite wearing the mask!
Yes le eye makeup is not affected by the mask, it is advisable to put on an eye shadow. Why ? Because if you have the eyelid “grasse” or it’s very hot outside, the eye shadow may slip through fine lines or “sink”. On the lip side, there are also bases, but the lipstick and the mask do not necessarily mix because there is always a minimum of material that is transferred to the mask.

2. Fix makeup under the mask: use the right products

In addition to using a base, it is also advisable to use suitable products for make up with a mask. Thus, we avoid the face powder too covering in favor of a less thick texture. Why ? Because the skin is already struggling to “breathe” under the mask and may be even more “locked up” if the dyed product is very covering. Then, the more material there is on the complexion, the more it is likely to move and to stick badly under the mask. So, go for a light foundation or a CC cream if you still want unify your complexion. As explained previously, you can also put your foundation alone, as it evens out slightly. It all depends on the coverage you want. Once your complexion is made up, you can powder it with a mattifying product such as a light powder.

3. Fix makeup under the mask: bet on a mist

The face (and body) mists are popular. There are more and more of them on the market, and they all have a specific role. There are moisturizers and others for fix makeup. Some even mix these two qualities. A mist is vaporized before make-up, then once the make-up is finished to fix it. In addition, the mist brings a cool side, very pleasant in hot weather.



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