3 examples of nude makeup for those who love naturalness

Every woman has her own makeup preferences. Some love a bright make-up, while others prefer naturalness in everything. This is especially true in summer, when you want to look natural. Therefore, there is such a “make-up without makeup”, when you have to paint, but it must be done imperceptibly. Makeup artists offer the following makeup for such women, taking into account hair color. This is because it is the color of the hair that plays a decisive role in the choice of products and their color.

For brunettes

To begin with, brunettes should be tinted over eyebrows and eyelashes if they are much lighter than hair. If the difference in color is very significant, then the brunette immediately becomes paler and does not look the same as usual. Only it is better to take a pencil not black, but brown. It will work best with shadows, arrows and lip color.

Makeup artists suggest using peach eyeshadow and blush. They will be in harmony with each other. It is best to choose a semi-matte lipstick. It can be light beige or peach.

Do not be afraid of peach tones. They will create the appearance of naturalness. It will seem that this tone has its own natural skin.3 examples of nude makeup for those who love naturalness

For blondes

Blondes need to use a highlighter to lighten the areas under the eyes, on the forehead and in the chin area. The face will immediately take on the appearance of freshness, as it will shimmer and shine. Truth, this radiance must be within reasonable limits. Cheekbones, on the other hand, should be highlighted with blush.

For blondes, it is important to highlight the eyes. To do this, draw an arrow with shadows and shade it. Complement the eye makeup with brown mascara. Apply pink gloss to the lips. Nude makeup for the blonde is ready!3 examples of nude makeup for those who love naturalness

For redheads

For redheads, there is one taboo – you cannot use pink tones and you need to be careful with beige. The face may turn red, which will not add attractiveness to the woman.3 examples of nude makeup for those who love naturalness

As in the previous cases, the eyeliner and mascara should be brown. They are so natural that they will hardly be noticeable. Gray shadows will not let the skin of red-haired beauties “blush”.

As for lipstick or gloss, they should be just transparent, since red hair is already an accent.

As you can see, nude makeup is suitable for women with any hair color. You just need to choose the right color for the product.3 examples of nude makeup for those who love naturalness

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