3 make-up tips to steal from Cristina Cordula

Cristina Cordula’s makeup tip: make a perfect complexion

The small screen star is a fashion icon and a beauty specialist. During the programs she presents or during live posted on her Instagram account, Cristina Cordula does not hesitate to give her advice to her fans. In addition, she is often accompanied by her favorite make-up artist, Tom Sapin, during her lives. De facto, he can too give beauty tips by making up the beautiful Brazilian.

Cristina Cordula’s makeup tip: sublimate her mouth OR her eyes

Cristina Cordula loves light makeup that showcase natural beauty without overdoing it. This is why she love contouring, very very light. Therefore, for refine his nose, however perfect, Cristina opted for a trompe l’oeil make-up which changes the perspective. She appliesilluminator, sure the bridge of the nose to the tip, leaving the sides “in the shade”. Immediately, under this pearly spotlight, her nose appears slightly elongated, and therefore thinner.

Cristina Cordula’s makeup tip: draw her eyebrows

You want to give back volume to your cheekbones? Just like the former model, sculpt your face at blush coral or sun land. First of all, he must smile widely in order to spot the bulge of the cheekbone, on which she will apply her powder, from top to bottom, in small touches. A make-up trick that plumps up the cheeks while giving sunny look. But before giving volume to the cheekbones, it is necessary to unify the complexion. Cristina Cordula prefers low coverage foundations with a natural finish. In summer, on the advice of Tom Sapin, she uses a tinted cream. Apply the product with your finger or with a brush according to your preferences.


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