3 makeup mistakes that accentuate wrinkles rather than hide them

The appearance of a woman largely depends on makeup. Proper makeup can hide imperfections in the form of fine wrinkles. Likewise, mistakes that are made when applying makeup can only accentuate wrinkles and make them more noticeable. Therefore, you should take your makeup seriously and apply it thoroughly, without being overly carried away by some means. The most common mistakes are as follows.

  1. Large amount of powder

Powder is used by a woman to hide the oily shine on her face. If the powder is used in moderation, then there is nothing wrong. On the contrary, the powder will give the skin a natural velvety feel. If there is a lot of powder, then it will serve an insidious service. Getting into mimic wrinkles, the powder will accentuate each of them, making them more visible. In addition, a large amount of powder creates a mask-like feeling on the face. It looks unnatural and puts the face in an unfavorable light.

If you have a habit of constantly dusting your face, then you need to focus only on the T-zone, and you should not touch the rest of the skin.

  1. Incorrect use of the highlighter

Many women cannot imagine makeup without a highlighter. This product, when used correctly, will give the skin the necessary shine, natural radiance. The skin seems more well-groomed, there are no imperfections on it. However, the highlighter becomes, if misused, the reason a woman looks ridiculous. This happens when too much highlighter is applied. The face just shines, making the skin look unnatural. In addition, the highlighter should be applied to specific areas of the skin. If you do not do this, then the reflective particles will simply reflect all the wrinkles, making them more noticeable.

  1. Overkill with blush

Blush will show ruddy cheeks and highlight beautiful cheekbones. At a young age, you can apply the blush more brightly. The older a woman is, the more she wants to apply blush more brightly. Loose skin, all the nuances and features will immediately become visible. If the blush is applied too low, then it will fall into the nasolabial folds, focusing on them. It is best to apply the blush not close to the nose area and not too brightly.

The fair sex should always look as natural as possible. Then the makeup will accentuate the beauty, and not ruin it.


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