3 mistakes not to make with your eyelashes

1. Curl your eyelashes after applying mascara

Key elements of beauty and seduction, eyelashes are the real allies of our gaze. Unfortunately, certain actions repeated daily can quickly damage them. Here are which ones:

2. Sleep with mascara

Having beautiful, perfectly curled eyelashes: this is the desire of many women. It is for this very specific reason that eyelash curlers are so popular. Only curl your eyelashes daily after applying mascara is not without danger. This miraculous tool at first glance can quickly turn into your worst enemy, by dropping your eyelashes. To avoid this type of inconvenience: curl your lashes only when they are completely clean and apply your mascara immediately after this operation, in order to fix this curled effect.

3. Remove your false eyelashes abruptly

Going to bed with makeup (foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara…) is a very bad idea. This habit is totally harmful for the health of your skin: pimples, premature skin aging, irritations, falling eyelashes… To avoid this at all costs, do not skip makeup removal before going to sleep. To do this, apply a support soaked in make-up remover for a few seconds on your eyelashes to dilute the mascara, without attacking your eyes. Then perform a back and forth movement starting from the roots of the eyelashes towards the tips, in order to remove all traces of mascara.

True beauty accessories, false eyelashes do not present any danger to natural eyelashes. Simply, they must be removed before going to bed, like mascara. However, be careful not to pull it suddenly, at the risk of tearing your natural eyelashes, which are stuck to your false eyelashes. To do this, soak a support in gentle makeup remover for a few seconds on your false eyelashes, in order to dissolve the glue. Once unstuck in the corners of the eye, very gently pull the fringe starting from the outer corner. Once removed, clean your eyelashes again to remove any remaining glue, and voila!


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