3 mistakes to avoid when you’re brunette

Choosing the wrong tone of blush

Faced with the range of products on the market, it is important to choose the blush according to your skin tone. Sometimes difficult to choose shade that will sublimate Brown hair. But what exactly is the right shade? If you have fair skin, it is best to opt for blushes with pink tones. On the other hand, if you have dark to dark skin, it is better to choose blushes in peach-coral tones and with golden nuances. There are all kinds on the market: in powder, cream, or liquid form (the latter being the most difficult to work with).

Fully bleach her hair

Go from brown to blond is possible, but not in just any way. For example, the fact of bleaching all of your hair at once is frankly not a good idea : this considerably weakens the hair which becomes damaged. It is therefore preferable to proceed step by step, gradually bleaching her hair, so that they can have a moment of respite between bleaching. By opting for a gradual change, you will get a result more harmonious and less dangerous for the health of your hair. You can for example opt for a balayage, for a more natural and luminous effect.

Choosing an unsuitable shampoo

Because they generally have less highlights than blonde or red hair, brown hair can sometimes be dull. To remedy this, it is not necessarily necessary to opt for a coloring. There is indeed a parterre of very effective shampoos which will take care of bringing light and pretty reflections to your hair.
What shampoo are we talking about? These are shampoos specially concocted for brunettes. Rich in walnut oil, camellia and henna, this type of shampoo is a great asset to nourish and bring light to your mane. This tip is also valid for “fake” brunettes wishing to maintain their coloring.
On the other hand, for brunettes wishing at all costs avoid reflections red or copper, your best ally will now be the blue shampoo ! Made up of blue pigments which bind to the hair during washing, the blue shampoo is used to reduce and correct unwanted reflections.
It’s your turn !

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