3 mistakes when applying foundation that will add age

It is difficult to imagine the makeup of a modern woman without foundation. However, this tool can play a cruel joke with those who do not know how to use it correctly. This is especially true for older women. If they don’t know how to apply foundation correctly, they get older than their age. Therefore, you should pay attention to the most common mistakes when applying foundation.

  1. Incorrect foundation color

Often women go to two extremes: the product is lighter than its natural skin tone or darker. And the first and second options are incorrect. When the complexion is too different from the natural skin color, it looks unnatural.

A dark foundation will create a tanned complexion and immediately give the woman a few extra years. The lighter tone will appear as a white spot against the general background.

The best foundation is considered to be one that is practically invisible on the face. Therefore, you need to choose a product that is as close as possible to the natural skin tone.

  1. Large amount of cream

A large amount of cream on the face creates the appearance of a mask. It turns out a “mask” due to the fact that a woman puts too much cream on her skin. It looks unnatural and immediately adds age. In addition, the mask effect can be obtained because the cream is not shaded correctly when applied with a dry sponge. No sponge can blend the cream properly. Therefore, it is necessary to use a brush or a beauty blender. It will help you apply the foundation so thin it won’t be visible.

  1. Mascara and shadows after foundation

Perhaps the most common mistake women make. If you apply tone, and then do eye makeup, applying shadows and mascara, then there will definitely be circles under the eyes. Dark circles and bruises will appear. Naturally, the woman will look older.

The thing is that very small particles of mascara and shadows crumble after application. They will just stick to a fresh foundation. Of course, if the shadows are expensive and of high quality, then this will not happen. However, not everyone can afford such a tool. Therefore, professional makeup artists advise you to first apply shadows and mascara, and only after that start applying foundation.

If you do not make these mistakes and apply the foundation correctly, then the foundation will help hide all the flaws of the facial skin.


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