3 techniques to outline the cheekbones on a round and full face

Makeup artists never tire of repeating that the cheekbones should be clearly marked. Then the face looks more sophisticated and becomes sculpted.

Some of the fair sex are lucky. Nature itself made sure that the cheekbones were visible. However, few are so lucky. In most cases, a woman’s cheekbones are not visible, they must be outlined. It is most difficult to do this on a round and full face. To make it work, there are some tips to follow before applying makeup.

  1. Training

Before you start makeup, you need to prepare yourself for it mentally, and purchase some funds, if they are not enough. Consider the following:

  • The sculpting will be done in several ways. Therefore, each of them should have its own brush. Then you can designate the shades. If there is only one brush, then correctors of several shades will be mixed with each other.
  • All products should be matte, as shiny products are simply inappropriate in this case. Glitter cheekbones look ridiculous.
  • It is allowed to take a bronzer only 2-3 tones darker, so that it looks natural on the skin.
  • A bright blush will make your cheekbones look unnatural. Therefore, they are not suitable for makeup. It is best to use beige, pink or peach tones.
  • It is advisable to choose powdery products for makeup. Such products are suitable for any type of skin, in contrast to gel or cream products.

Only after all the recommendations have been followed can you outline the cheekbones.

  1. Makeup

When the preparation is over, you can start your makeup. This is done like this:

  • First you need to apply a dark color corrector to the sides of the face along the entire length. Everything must be carefully shaded so that the shading line is not visible.
  • For a round face, use light blush. They should be applied and shaded in the direction from the temple to the chin. Then the round face will stretch out, which will give it an oval shape.
  • You can apply a highlighter to the place where the corrector turns into blush. It will give a subtle glow. This will help make the cheeks smaller by refracting the light. At the same time, the face will appear more prominent.

Makeup is the surest way to outline the cheekbones on a round face.

  1. Hairstyle

As strange as it may seem, one of the ways to create the appearance of cheekbones is a hairstyle. A regular ladder will fall off smoothly across the face. Accordingly, the round face will immediately become more elongated. Just keep in mind that the ladder should start from the middle of the cheek.

In these ways, you can quickly create the appearance of cheekbones, emphasize their beauty with a natural blush.

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