3 tips for successful beauty treatment during a heat wave

When temperatures rise in summer (especially during a heat wave), our beauty habits are slightly upset. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can use to stay “fresh” in all circumstances (despite the thermometer which exceeds 30 degrees)!

1 / Thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin (before going to the makeup step)

Opting for a good skin cleansing (with a product adapted to your skin type) as well as a special day care for the face is the first step to respect (even more during a heat wave!). Because despite popular belief, it is still important to hydrate your skin, even in summer, since our body loses a lot of water. So opt for cosmetics with fresh and light textures for the summer, taking into account your skin type (dry, oily, combination). After that, the makeup step can begin!

2 / Bet on a primer and a makeup setting spray

During a heat wave, it is best to opt for light and low coverage materials makeup level. Why ? Because a heavy complexion and high heat do not always go together. Preferably opt for powdery textures, which will have the advantage of camouflaging the excess shine on the face. And to make your make-up last even longer, what better way than to start your beauty treatment with the application of a primer (to be applied after the day care) and to finish it with a bit of makeup setting spray ?

3 / Tie up your hair while staying trendy

What could be more unpleasant than that feeling of sticky hair on your face in summer? To remedy this, we think of attaching them by opting for simple but stylish hairstyles, such as: the bun (this bun with the combed-disheveled effect that’s ultra-easy to reproduce) or its variant, the double-bun (two buns at the top of the head for the price of one!), the very classic ponytail (or half ponytail), or the hair tied with a few mini or maxi barrettes, a scarf or a headband (hair accessories very popular this summer)! It’s your turn !


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