3 tips for those who often have electrified hair

Many girls are concerned that their hair is electrifying and sticking out in different directions. Most often this problem occurs when the headwear time begins. It’s all about static electricity, which is generated by rubbing clothes.

In addition, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Indoor air is too dry. The result is hair sticking out in all directions. Do not forget about humidifying the indoor air. This is especially true for the heating season.
  • If the strands themselves are overdried, then they will also begin to electrify, which means that the hair must be moisturized.
  • If you often dry your hair with a hairdryer, then this will be one of the causes of this problem.

Hairdressers give some simple advice to the fair sex to stop electrifying hair.

Wood comb or carbon fiber combs

The natural material, which is wood, will help to simply eliminate the electrification of the hair. A wooden comb is not too expensive. Therefore, every girl can afford it.

In this case, stylists prefer carbon combs, but this pleasure is not cheap. But everyone, without exception, can afford a comb made of wood.

Oil-based or oil-based serums

Oil-based serums are specially formulated to remove static electricity from hair. If not available, lavender oil or rose oil will do. It is enough to spray these funds several times a day so that the curls stop electrifying. It can be applied to both dry and damp hair.

The right care products

If the hair care products are chosen correctly, then the hair will either become less electrified, or even stop doing so. Pay attention to the following:

  • It is best to choose a gentle shampoo that will not dry your hair. If he moisturizes the curls, they will become heavier.
  • It is best to choose a balm suitable for your hair type. A big plus if the product contains silicones. They will make each hair harder. Accordingly, the hair will begin to become less electrified.
  • The temperature of the water when rinsing your hair is important. It is best if it is cool. Then each scale will be able to smooth, the hair will not become electrified.

These three tips are simple at first glance, but they really help to keep your hair free of electrifying and looking luxurious and well-groomed.


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