3 tips to spend less when shopping for beauty online

Who has never considered online shopping to be a real therapy ? Surely not you, is not it? While we may take great pleasure in expanding our collection of beauty products by shopping online, this way of consuming sometimes makes us lose sight of our goals. How many times have we ventured out onto the web, with the idea of ​​buying only a few very specific products? And how many times has our basket been surprisingly full, so much we thought we needed more? Why ? Quite simply because the temptation is easy and it is much more difficult to measure the extent of our purchases when we make them on the internet. Result? A punctual feeling of well-being, then, a feeling of guilt, as soon as we realize that we are not using half of the products that we have yet bought, feeling immense pleasure! Paradoxical, isn’t it? To help you make more conscious purchases today, here are 3 effective tips.

1 / Get to know your skin and its needs

First, it is essential to understand the nature, texture and sensitivity of your skin. Is it oily, dry, mixed? Do you have acne, redness, or any other dermatological problem? By taking all these elements into account, you will avoid compulsively buying products that are sometimes unsuitable for your skin type, simply because they are trendy or on sale. Once you understand exactly what your skin needs, you will only buy necessary and suitable products!

2 / Learn how to research the products you are about to buy

It is essential to read the list of components of the products you are about to buy, before taking action. Take some time to research and learn about a component you don’t know about, before investing in a new beauty product.

3 / Look for the best offers

It is obviously very interesting to make beauty purchases through sites offering many discounts. But don’t be fooled by the first comer! Many online sites offer cosmetics sometimes at broken prices. It is therefore important to compare them well, before making a purchase.

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