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Remember those impressive videos on Instagram, when a girl with a completely ordinary appearance turns into a real goddess thanks to her competent makeup? A properly chosen haircut that takes into account your face type and hair structure can do the same magic. The correct form of the hairstyle looks airy even on a woman with thin hair.

These hairstyles fully include pixie – a model hairstyle that makes curls thicken before our eyes without any magic.

Pixie – model layered haircut, the success of which largely depends on the creativity and professionalism of the master. Indeed, in this hairstyle, only the basic elements are strictly defined:

  • strands on the back of the head and on the sides are short;
  • the strands on the crown are longer.

Everything else – the length of the strands in each zone, the presence or absence of bangs (and the shape of the bangs), the volume in the area of ​​the crown – is left to the discretion of the person who performs the haircut. And this is what makes the pixie not only complex, but also a truly magical hairstyle, because the master can take into account both the wishes of the client and his initial data.

pixie haircut for thin hair photo

Why is pixie a haircut for fine hair? Everything is very simple: due to the multi-layering and variable distribution of volumes, pixie can give natural splendor even those curls that all their life before had refused to rise at the roots. That is literally: you can come to the salon with an absolutely flat crown, and leave with a voluminous styling, which is – attention! – won’t go anywhere even after washing your hair, hats and any other apocalypse.

Who is the pixie haircut for thin hair

It turns out that pixie is translated from English as “fairy”. That is, this haircut automatically turns almost every young lady (of any age!) Into something beautiful. Almost – because absolutely universal hairstyles, alas, do not exist. About who the pixie will go to, and who better to choose a different haircut, we’ll talk now!

Look in the mirror: what is your face? Its shape will determine whether you make a great pair with the pixie!

Pixie for fine hair on an oval face
Pixie haircut for thin hair on a round face
  • Oval face. Everything is as usual here: to an ideal oval – any frame! I mean, a haircut.
  • Round face… But here everything is not so simple: short haircuts, as a rule, make the face even rounder! Better to look at medium-length hairstyles – or interesting short hair ideas, among which there are pixies (albeit with shaved temples).
Pixie haircut for fine hair on a square face
Triangular face and pixie haircut for fine hair
  • Square face… It is necessary to sort out the options: perhaps a pixie with an elongated bang will suit you. But you should immediately abandon shaved temples, they will only highlight the flaws: a heavy jaw and wide cheekbones.
  • Triangular face… What the doctor ordered! Pixie fits perfectly, and even correctly balances the proportions of the face.

Stay in the mirror – look at your hair. Which option is yours?

pixie haircut for fine curly hair
pixie haircut for thick hair
  • Thin or thin hair. Pixie is definitely your haircut!
  • Thick hair… Take a closer look at the ultra-short versions of pixies – hairstyles like these help discipline any strands.
  • Curly hair… Depends on the structure of the curl: ordinary curls and curls are good for pixies, but very small and hard curls with this haircut, alas, do not go well at all.

By the way about curls… For a perfectly calm pixie with well-defined curls, long-term styling is often not needed. Proper care will greatly simplify and speed up the process. SalonSecret experts recommend the range Matrix Curl Please: this is shampoo, air conditioning and lotionforming a beautiful curl.

Straight hairon the contrary, you need airiness – it can be easily achieved with shampoo Biolage VolumeBloom, as well as air conditioner and accept from this range.

While you’re still in front of the mirror, take a look not only at the face and hair, but at the whole image as a whole! What do you see there?

  • Body type… In short, pixies are definitely more suitable for skinny girls than for donuts. Owners of appetizing forms should better look at more voluminous hairstyles and medium hair length.
  • Neck length… A very important point: short haircuts open up the neck, and suddenly it may turn out that it is short. In itself, this is not at all scary, it’s just better to grow longer strands. Why focus on minor imperfections?
  • Style of clothes… In general, pixie goes well with a business style, and with a casual, and with a sporty, and with romantic outfits. Therefore, here it is better to focus on your own feeling of “like it or not.”

A pixie haircut for thin hair has all the advantages listed above due to its variability: there are a lot of versions of the hairstyle! We will tell you about those that modern girls love the most.

The traditional pixie variation implies the same length at both temples and the back of the head. The difference in length between the strands on the sides and the top strands is quite noticeable.

SalonSecret styling hacks. A little bit of powder Matrix Height Riser – and your pixie will have an impressive and very long-lasting volume from the roots. Just bring the powder to your hair with a slight slope and press on the sides of the bottle, then you definitely won’t overdo it with styling.

This hairstyle incorporates the best features of two haircuts – pixie and bob. From the pixie there are the famous shortened whiskey, from the bean – everyone’s favorite volume on the crown.

SalonSecret styling hacks. Blow-dry your hair and shape your hair with a round comb in parallel. For a secure hold, pre-apply mousse Rebel Push-Up.

pixie haircut for thin hair with shaved temples

A version for the brave in spirit: the whiskey (and sometimes the back of the head for the company) is shaved to zero, and the strands on the crown remain long enough. Bold and bold – this extreme haircut attracts attention in any situation.

SalonSecret styling hacks. Create dizzying volume across the crown and bangs with Local Hold Spray Fix Design.

pixie haircut for fine hair without bangs

Few people choose a pixie without bangs at all, but sometimes this turns out to be the perfect solution: for example, if the girl has a low forehead.

SalonSecret styling hacks. A hairstyle with wet hair looks great on such a pixie. Just spread the gel over the strands Extreme Splash and comb them from your face.

pixie haircut for thin hair with short bangs

A practical version that will appeal to young mothers and desperate careerists, as well as those who simply do not like long styling.

SalonSecret styling hacks. Neatness is a pixie cut with short bangs, which means you need a reliable polish. Matrix Style Fixer just like that, moreover, it does not stick hair and protects it from frizz.

pixie streak on thin hair with long bangs

In 2020, this pixie variation is still the most trending. Through long bangs you can shift accents, balance proportions and simply make the image more mysterious.

SalonSecret styling hacks. Smoothness is our everything! You can go over your bangs with an iron or apply some smoothing cream on it. Smooth Setter and draw out with a hairdryer.

The pixie can be either extremely short or medium length. Of course, it is impossible to reproduce pixies on long hair, because the very idea of ​​this haircut involves short strands on the sides and back. But long-haired fashionistas already have plenty to choose from, right?

pixie bob haircut for thin hair
pixie haircut for thin hair woman

Ultra-short pixie versions can be performed with or without bangs. In addition, the length of the strands on the crown may vary – from one to 5-7 centimeters.

pixie haircut for thin hair giving volume
pixie haircut for fine hair of medium length

If you don’t want to cut your hair very short, and hair without volume does not cease to upset, try the elongated version of the pixie. Whether to shave the whiskey or cut off the bangs is up to you!

Like any model haircut, pixies are not so easy to do at home, especially without preparation. If you are confident in your abilities, use our short step-by-step execution technology, or rather entrust your hairstyle to a salon master.

Women's pixie haircut for fine hair
  • sharp hairdressing scissors,
  • thinning scissors,
  • clipper,
  • fine comb,
  • hair clips.
Step-by-step instructions for a pixie haircut for thin hair

Wash your hair first, and then …

  • Clean damp hair you need comb thoroughly.
  • Make a radial parting, separating the area of ​​the crown from the temples and back of the head.
  • Secure the strands of the crown with clamps.
  • Start cutting from the back of the head, using a clipper: cut the strands so that their length decreases towards the base of the neck.
  • Process in the same way temporal zones.
  • Use scissors to trim the strands at the crown: take a control strand near the hairline on the forehead, then move towards the back of the head, reducing the length of the strand from the previous one.
  • Checkout bangs.
  • Thinning scissors process the ends of long strands and bangsto create extra volume.

Pixie is a hairstyle for the lazy. If you have a very ordinary day, you will not need any special styling – you just need to apply a little mousse to the roots and dry the curls. If you are going to an event and want to build something unusual on your head, this will also not be difficult. Our stylists have prepared for you a list of tips and styling products for fine hair pixie cut that will help you and your hairstyle look perfect on weekdays and holidays!

  • You can style with your fingers: if you have manageable fine hair, you will not need a hairdryer or an iron. Dry your curls naturally, then texture individual strands with a little tofu. L’Oréal Professional Web. It looks like paste will work Transformerbut her hold is average, this styling will add discipline and definition to your haircut.
  • If you don’t have an ultra-short version of the haircut, you can create an extremely bright style, like a mohawk! To do this, a large amount of modeling gel must be applied to the strands on the crown. Matrix Super Fixerand then dry your hair by shaping a mohawk with your fingers and a comb. Looking for a soft mohawk with a wet look? Then your choice is gel Extreme Splash from the styling family L’Oreal Pro.
  • Powder will help to add a little volume to the hairstyle (especially in the evening, when the styling ceases to hold) L’Oréal Professionnel Super Dust: Apply a little to the roots of the hair, lifting the strands, and dry slightly with a hairdryer.
  • Choose a styling designed specifically for fine hair. Such products thicken, but at the same time do not hide the volume. This is how mousse works Full Volume Extra from L’Oreal Pro, and stylists also advise you to try sprays: Biolage VolumeBloom or Redken Rootful (the latter is applied directly to the root zone).

We are used to the fact that a pixie haircut for thin hair is most often chosen by lovers of light hair shades. However, this is far from the only combination in which the pixie looks great!

Pixie for thin hair dark chocolate

Remember how adorable Audrey Hepburn was with her pixie haircut on dark chocolate curls? This idea is still trending, so brunettes and brown-haired women shouldn’t be afraid of this hairstyle!

What could be brighter than a pixie in a dazzling amber incarnation? If you love to draw attention to yourself, be sure to pay attention to this combination of shape and color!

Colored bangs with a pixie haircut for thin hair

Who said that there can only be one shade? Choose two at once: one is the main one, and the other is for light bangs feathers! Moreover, the second color can be both classic and neon-bright.

Pixie haircut for thin ombre hair

This coloring technique is becoming almost a classic when it comes to pixies. Dark roots and light tips plus a smooth transition between them – all this plays an additional visual volume!

So, pixie is the hairstyle of real fairies! Have you ever worn this haircut?


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