4 bad beauty habits to absolutely ban, according to dermatologists

Bad beauty habit: piercing your pimples

If the temptation to pop a button is great, it is totally not recommended. The reason ? This can make the problem worse! Indeed, you should know that the piercing is traumatic for the skin. You pound it with your fingers or nails, which can carry bacteria and this can worsen inflammation. In addition to the bacteria that may be present on your hands when piercing the pimple, the pimple is filled with them. By attacking it, you risk releasing pus and germs on your “healthy” skin. Result: it may participate in the formation of other buttons. Also be aware that the skin can react badly to the piercing and you can have a scar. This is why dermatologists recommend not to touch them!

Beauty bad habit: sleeping with makeup on

Who has never wanted to go to sleep in skipping the step, however fundamental, makeup removal? This bad habit is very bad for the health and radiance of the skin. Why ? Make-up can stick to the eyes, and can even get in them while sleeping. In addition, going to bed with makeup on means that you also sleep with all the particles of pollution, dust or microbes that have collected on your face throughout the day. Result: the pores are clogged and this can lead to the appearance of many skin imperfections. Also be aware that skin cells regenerate at night, and they cannot do this properly if a layer of makeup covers it. The solution ? Use a gentle makeup remover such as makeup remover oil to take off the make-up. Some makeup removers remove makeup and cleanse the skin at the same time. But you can also opt for cleansing the skin with a gentle product after removing makeup. Then apply a night care to hydrate!

Bad beauty habit: skip the SPF

Skin cancer, burns, skin aging… The harmful effects of UV rays emitted by the sun are well known today. The long-term dangers of UVA or UVB rays are taken very seriously when exposed to the beach, or when going on vacation during the summer. But many dermatologists draw attention to effects of the sun throughout the year : you have to protect yourself from it every day, even in town, even for a few minutes of exposure. Thus, more and more day care and foundation are introducing a sun protection factor in their formula. Why not introduce some into your beauty routine?

Bad beauty habit: attacking facial skin with too much cleansing

“In order for the skin to be clean, it must squeal under your fingers”. This misconception that cleansed skin is stripped skin is false. It has often been used in the treatments recommended for oily and acne skin, but it actually makes the problem worse. Aggressed skin is skin that produces more sebum to protect yourself. However, an increased secretion of sebum can cause shine areas (especially on the T zone, forehead, nose, chin), but also pimples and imperfections. Conclusion: oily skin must be treated with very gentle products, at the risk of the situation getting worse.

A work on the skin microbiota has been done and this one is made up of good and bad bacteria. If you strip the skin with too aggressive care, you remove the good bacteria and only want to get rid of the bad ones. You participate in imbalance of the skin ecosystem. Result: redness, pimples and other imperfections appear. This is why it is important not to overuse washes, scrubs or peels. The best solution is to clean the face once a day to avoid attacking the epidermis, with a care carefully chosen according to the needs of your skin and soft. Also remember to apply a moisturizer afterwards to bring softness and comfort. As for scrubs, prefer treatments with natural and fine grains, or even without grain. And once a week is enough. Peels, on the other hand, allow you to get rid of dead skin thanks to a chemical action. Effective, they can harm the condition of the skin if done too often. It depends on the product chosen, but they are usually done once a month.

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