4 beauty treatments not to be done alone at home

Camouflage your roots, make a nourishing mask for the hair, a purifying mask for the face, make homemade wax for hair removal… Many treatments can be done from your kitchen or your bathroom. But these are simple practices with no apparent risk for you. However, it is sometimes strongly advised to wait until professionals in the beauty sector can welcome you.

1. Beauty treatment not to be done at home: certain types of hair color

How to color at home and succeed are not easy things. But it is largely doable! For camouflage white hair, to darken or lighten the hair very slightly, homemade coloring is one of the solutions. However, it is not recommended to make a color too different from the one you wear naturally. The reason ? It is far too risky and the result could be catastrophic. Want to swap your brown for a luminous blonde? Instead, wait until you put your head in the hands of an expert. Indeed, depending on the intensity of your base color, going to a blonde can take several appointments, and a discoloration is not trivial. She can turn green, be uneven depending on the part of the hair …
The reverse is also not recommended: going from blond to brown. Why ? If your hair is basic bleach, the pigments of the new color will not adhere to the hair and the result will have a greenish tinge. The solution ? The professional must first color to re-pigment the hair fiber before applying the brown dye.
Other hair change not recommended at home: the highlights and highlights… If you are not skilled in the art, it can be complicated to obtain an elegant and luminous result.

2. Beauty treatment not to be done at home: eyebrow tint

The eyebrows play a fundamental role in the structure of the face. They can highlight the look if they are plucked in the right way according to the shape of your eye. It is because they are so important that many beauty institutes offer treatments to make them as beautiful as possible. Hair removal with wax, thread, brow lift, dye… There is something for everyone. If maintaining your line, continuing to apply makeup with a pencil or eyebrow shadow, dyeing it alone is a bad idea. Badly carried out, this practice usually done to intensify the gaze, can give a totally opposite result. If you can’t wait, there are plenty of products out there that add color to it non-permanently. They are often found as a tinted gel!

3. Beauty treatment not to be done at home: waxing eyebrows

Still on the subject of eyebrows, it is not recommended to perform waxing that area of ​​your face at home. The reason ? First, some specialists have already explained that the wax can then have a harmful effect on the eyelid. Indeed, pulling on wax could attack this part of the face where the skin is very thin. Result: the eyelid could lose firmness more quickly. If you like wax, then prefer to wait for your beautician to take charge of you. Until then, a pair of tweezers will do the trick.

4. Beauty treatment not to be done at home: some haircuts

Maintain your bangs, cut your tips… This type of hairstyle touch-ups are quite doable at home. However, if you want to embark on a radical hair change, it is advisable to go to your favorite hairdresser. Why ? It is very difficult to cut your own hair. So doing a layered, a short cut or any other haircut that requires a technique is rather risky. If you want to change your look, opt for new hairstyles easy to do waiting !

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