4 colors in clothes that make us older

All women want to look young and attractive. This largely depends on the style of clothing and its color. There are colors that are refreshing. Accordingly, the woman seems younger. On the contrary, some colors make even a young girl look old.

If you don’t want to look older, you should pay attention to the following shades.

  1. Dark brown shade

Takes first place among all aging shades. He scares away with his gloom and nondescriptness. Due to this shade, the complexion changes. It takes on an earthy hue that no woman can decorate.

If you can somehow come to terms with the dark brown color of the lower part of the wardrobe, then not with the upper part. Shirts, jackets and cardigans in brown tones have no place in a woman’s wardrobe.

Lovers of brown should pay attention to light shades of brown. For example, coffee with milk or beige. These noble tones make the image more feminine due to their softness and tenderness. In addition, they are suitable for all women without exception.

  1. Dark purple color

A very insidious color due to the fact that it emphasizes all the defects on the face. Bruises under the eyes, wrinkles will all become noticeable in clothes in purple tones. The skin will become pale and glow blue. Therefore, you should not choose things of this color. This is especially true for women over 40.

Replacing the purple shade is best for lavender. It is gentle and light, which will add softness to a feminine image and make a woman visually younger.

  1. Swamp shades

It is worth separating khaki and swamp colors. All swamp shades are associated with something gloomy and dark. The complexion fades, becomes gray and old. Therefore, you need to be careful with this shade. If a blouse made of expensive swamp-colored fabric can still be worn, then a warm coat in these colors will immediately age for several years.

  1. Dark burgundy color

A dark burgundy color always ages. Even a 20-year-old girl will look older in a burgundy blouse, despite the fact that this color is considered noble. It is not recommended to wear burgundy outerwear. But this does not apply to trousers and skirts. They do not add age.

When choosing a color for clothes, one should pay attention to whether it refreshes or makes the face less expressive. You should also find out your color type and choose those shades that fit.


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