4 hairstyles for a slimmer face

The correct oval and facial features are, alas, not given to every representative of the fairest sex. But a woman is called upon to help numerous cosmetic and cosmetic products and procedures. An affordable and safe way to visually tighten and lengthen your face is a successful hairstyle.

Pixie and Gavroche

Contrary to stereotypes, a short haircut can also lengthen the oval of the face, hiding the fullness. The main thing is torn strands and asymmetrical bangs. A short haircut will divert attention from lush cheeks if it meets the conditions: layering, thick thinning, graduated strands of various lengths.

Long bob – forehead (long bob)

A practical format is the uneven ends of the strands 7 cm below the chin. A short length will undesirably widen the cheeks. Hair texture and styling are important. Outward curled hair will do the opposite by rounding your face. Large curls and voluminous curls are unacceptable. In a long bob, angular and less elastic strands are assumed.

Long bangs and side parting

The chin-length bangs laid on one side creates the optical illusion of narrowing of the cheekbones, and the face looks thin. The bangs are possible and smooth, shiny, and rare, flying.

The asymmetry achieved by the side parting makes the face slimmer. Just do not use enlarged curls and curling with the ends outward in styling, so as not to make the image heavier.

Multi-level haircut with volume at the roots

Long hair, freely falling over the shoulders, is an effective way to correct the slimness of the figure and lengthen the oval. The maximum length is meant to the middle of the back.

The hairstyle format will successfully emphasize the features if the hair is below the shoulders, the strands near the face – to the chin, and volume is required on the back of the head and crown. It should be borne in mind that volume is needed only at the roots, and not on the sides in the area of ​​the ears, otherwise the face will visually appear large. You can really achieve root airiness if you dry your hair with a hairdryer, throwing it forward or upside down.

The best styling for a multi-level haircut is voluminous: with careless waves or flowing curls.

Low beam

Asymmetrical styling, formed into a playful bun that covers the ears, “deflates” the cheeks. If you collect a bun after curling your hair, the volume achieved as a result of this will create the effect of a thin face.

Having collected the hair cut in levels in a bun or ponytail, you can leave a couple of separate strands, freely framing the contours of the face. This will refresh your hair.

But it is better to forget about the inflated ponytails that reveal the face, exposing flaws.

Do not use decorative elements in your hairstyle that emphasize the fullness of the face.

Color accents

In addition to design, special, innovative hair coloring techniques will help you optically deceive. Coloring “ombre” will divert attention from the fullness of the cheeks. And if you also dye your hair in the balayage style: the transition from dark roots to light ends, the forming effect of elongation of the oval will be achieved.

The vertical lines of highlighted or highlighted strands will competently mask the fullness of the cheeks.

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