4 magical tips for waking up to beautiful hair


How to have beautiful hair when you wake up?

To get a look disheveled hair natural, just anticipate: the day before, take a few minutes to braid your lengths. You will get from beautiful waves as soon as you wake up. If you are a fan of shampooing in the evening, the principle remains the same: after having wash and wring out your hair, make a braided with three branches. If you want more pronounced waves, it is also possible to make several braids by dividing her hair. For a frizz-free result, wrap your lengths in a towel or scarf.

The secret of beautiful waves

Those who go to bed with wet hair must take some precautions in order to have a beautiful hair wake. Too much humidity can harm the hairstyle. It is therefore important to wring out its lengths before braiding them, at the risk of still having damp hair in the early morning. Another tip: avoid hair products too heavy such as silicone-based conditioners, oils or sticky creams.

Using a cotton t-shirt

To dry your hair, it is better to opt for a natural drying. But did you know that it is recommended to wring out with a cotton t-shirt rather than with a towel? Surprisingly, this technique allows you to take care of the hair fiber.

Take care of your hair

There are a few things to avoid if you want to have beautiful hair. First, you should never brush your lengths when they are wet because they are weakened by water. It is therefore preferable to use a tooth comb wide. Another tip, when you apply a treatment, a styling product, or when you want to dry them, do not rub your lengths between the palms of your hands. Better to wrap them in a microfiber towel in order to protect the material.


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