4 makeup rules for contact lens wearers

Many girls today wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Therefore, the question arises: how to apply makeup correctly in order to look good. And at the same time, do not harm your eyes and vision.

Such girls need to know some rules to help them make the right makeup.

  1. Lenses first, makeup second

The first and most important rule is to first insert the lenses, and only then proceed to eye makeup. At the same time, it is necessary to paint the eyes in the very last place, when a tone is applied, blush, lips are painted. After that, lenses are inserted and you can start painting your eyes. This is due to the fact that a small speck can cause tearing, which in turn will lead to the fact that then it will simply be impossible to insert lenses.

When you need to do make-up removal, you first need to remove the lenses. After that, you can start removing cosmetics.

  1. The right tools

You cannot use brushes and brushes, as cosmetics can simply crumble, and a particle gets into the eyes. The consequences can be dire. Therefore, it is best to use applicators or special beauty blenders. They will not let the product crumble.

  1. Choice of funds

There are certain rules when choosing funds:

Water-based products are considered the safest. If you choose an oil-based product, then it can simply damage the lenses. While waterproof products are safe for lenses.

Mascara should be chosen especially carefully. It should be microfiber free. They will crumble during the day, which will lead to the fact that small particles get into the eyes. The most correct choice in this case is a water-based mascara.

As for the eyelash brushes, it is also better not to use them. When brushing the eyelashes with a brush, mascara can also peel off and get into the eyes.

It is best to refuse dry cosmetics. It tends to crumble and get into the eyes. But the creamy products fit perfectly and hold firmly throughout the day.

Hypoallergenic cosmetics will be the best choice.

The right remedy is a big part of successful makeup when a girl wears lenses.

  1. Aerosol products

Aerosol products should be avoided if the lenses are already in the eye. Therefore, you should not use aerosol shadows. The same applies to perfume and hairspray. They can turn a lens into a small ball in a second.

A girl with lenses can look great with the right makeup.


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