4 rules for choosing shoes with heels to avoid pain in your feet

Shoes with heels always make the gait feminine. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity seem fragile when they walk in heels. Shoes with heels look attractive, but they are not always comfortable when walking. Sometimes there is simply unbearable pain in the legs, after which the woman decides not to give up heels in favor of healthy legs.

You should not be afraid of shoes with heels. The main thing is the ability to choose a heel for yourself. If you do it right, then there will be no pain. To make the right choice, you must adhere to the following rules.

  1. Optimum height and stability

Doctors say that the most optimal heel for every day is a heel with a height of 4 centimeters. It is suitable for those who walk all day in heels.

It is also important to pay attention to the distance between the heel and the beginning of the sole. Women will feel comfortable in shoes where the distance is at least 6 centimeters. In this case, the position of the foot is considered as stable and orthopedically correct. Leg pain cannot be avoided if the distance is less than 4 centimeters. This is not surprising. After all, the leg should not take a natural bend, which will certainly respond with pain.

  1. Shoes half a size larger

It is best to choose shoes that are half a size larger. Then you can easily insert silicone insoles into it. Feet will be more comfortable with them. They will soften even the toughest shoes. In addition, there will be no pain or tightness if the legs are swollen by the end of the day.

  1. Heel position

The heel can be located directly in relation to the sole, or it can go slightly inward or sideways. The first option is worth choosing. Then you can be sure that there will be no discomfort while walking. The leg will be in its usual position. Such a heel will not “go”, but will remain in its place.

  1. Shoes made of genuine leather or suede

In shoes made of artificial materials, even without a heel, pain occurs. What to say in the case when the shoes are also with heels? If a girl likes to walk in heels, then the material of the shoe should only be natural.

You should follow these simple rules to walk in comfortable and comfortable shoes with heels. The state of health and mood depends on this.


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