4 tips to prevent gray hair from turning yellow

1 / Protect your gray hair from external aggressions

Fragile because they are drier and more brittle: they must be protect against external aggressions that can cause them to turn yellow. As soon as you shower, you should know that hard water and shampoos composed of silicone tarnish the skin. hair fiber. As for the hair dryer, it weakens matter and makes the hair more brittle. Pollution, confined spaces and the tobacco accentuate thecolor oxidation, while thechlorinated water of the swimming pool and the soleil promote the yellowing. Adopt from good habits : at the pool, put on a swimming cap, favor it Drying in the open air, rinse your hair for several minutes after shampooing for remove all residues and apply a protective sunscreen before tanning!

2 / Use an anti-yellowing shampoo

Once a month you can apply a specific shampoo to make the hair yellow ! Composed of purple and blue pigments, this washing care eliminate in a few moments yellow reflections. Be careful, however, not to leave it applied too long on the lengths. Masks, creams or even anti-yellowing conditioners, you have the choice!

4 tips to prevent gray hair from turning yellow


3 / Regularly moisturize your hair

The secret for a bright white hair ? The feed and thehydrate regularly. The depigmented hair are often more rebellious : to tame them, bet on nourishing masks with vegetable oils, and once a week do a moisturizer rich in keratin, because over time the production of this protein decreases. For compensate for this loss and find bright and shiny hair, you have the choice: to use masks and treatments based on keratin, or to ingest it by tablets in cure intensive !

4 / Make your hair shine

After having hydrate, deeply nourished and protected your white hair, make it shine! White hair tends to become dull. For revive their shine, you can rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar or citron. These two techniques allowremove limescale and instantly make the bright hair. In finishing, you can use a special shine serum.” target=”_blank”>

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