40 trends: what will be in fashion in spring and summer 2021

The most interesting thing is that you and I can foresee the future due to the fact that all brands have already made spring-summer collections, and the Pantone Color Institute has named trend colors. This is not to say that something fundamentally new, unexpectedly fashionable or stylishly impudent awaits us in the coming spring and summer. Basically, all brands did not think about PR, but about their target audience, ready not to be surprised, but to buy and wear. Today we will define the fashion trends from the spring-summer 2021 collections …

Asymmetric cutouts

The idea of ​​cutouts at the waist, shoulders is for everybody, but the asymmetrical neckline, which is shown in the Altuzarra and Koche collections, looks original and accentuated. He seems to be trying to persuade you to stop chasing ideal shapes, lines and allow yourself to be accepted.

Women's Fashion 2021

White color

Summer is a time that cannot be imagined without white and natural. In the coming season, white long and short dresses made of cotton sewing will be relevant. Such dresses are expensive, but in order for the purchase to pay off, pay attention to the lining, it must also be made of natural fabric, then the heat will not be terrible.

White is brightly represented in the collections of the brands Alberta Ferretti, Christian Dior. Completely white looks look gorgeous, the N21 brand combined several white textures in one look: cotton, leather and knitwear. And also, if you look at the picture, you can see that the white things in the image differ in shades.

White is in fashion
White is in fashion

Cutwork blouses

Ulla Johnson, Valentino and many other world-famous brands have released breathable “leaky” blouses. They work both in boho or romantic style and in business style without a strict dress code. The best pair for such a blouse for every day will be denim.

Knitted outfits 2021


There were a lot of crocheted clothes on the catwalks. Marco Rambaldi, Valentino demonstrated long dresses, sundresses. It is better to choose a knitted white dress, because it will be difficult to fit a colored one into a wardrobe. With a white knit dress, you can create many more stylish looks.

Knitted outfits 2021

Knitted suits

Knit suits with shorts are featured in the collections of several brands, including Valentino. My opinion is that knitted suits will become more and more popular, but in the Russian climate it can be hot in summer in them, but in the spring it is quite important to consider knitted knitted suits with skirts and trousers.

Women's Fashion 2021

Knitted sweaters for spring 2021

If you are not ready to buy a knitted suit for the summer, then get an openwork sweater. Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, Marco Rambaldi show how chic knitted sweaters look in summer looks. Knitted and knitted polos are also still in vogue.

Women's Fashion 2021

Denim cycling shorts

Balmain has made more than one look with denim bikers. He combined them with smart jackets in men’s bows and smart blouses in womens, because in order to combine cycling shirts with wide T-shirts, the work of a stylist is not needed.

Denim cycling shorts

Jeans with holes

Favorite leaky jeans are back in fashion, but they do not play the main role in the looks from Dolce & Gabbana and Etro. Pair them with colorful printed blazers and extremely chunky tops-bras inside.

40 trends: what will be in fashion in spring and summer 2021


Dolce Gabbana, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo sang an ode to yellow. But in most looks, yellow serves as an accent – this is a top, jumper or shoes. By the way, yellow men’s shoes are a separate stylish story of the warm season spring-summer 2021.

Yellow is in fashion

Sleeveless Vests & Blouses

Vests do not give up and continue to walk on the catwalks, and this is because not a single brand that popularizes vests has been able to reach the mass consumer. Hermès, Etro, Chloe, Alyx, Simona Marziali are no exception. But the designers did not stop only at vests, blouses, sleeveless dresses in trend.

Fashion trends 2021

Suit vests

Not only knitted, but also costume vests are relevant. Zimmermann and Giorgio Armani show that they can be worn on a naked body, under a linen jacket and as usual on top of a blouse or dress.

Fashion trends 2021


Most of all kimonos are presented in the Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2021 collection. The kimono is stylized as part of a complex everyday look, as an independent element or the top of a trouser suit. Kimono allows you to create multi-layered images in the summer, which is valuable for amateurs, and in the summer to show stylistic imagination.

Large flowers

A floral print is always relevant, but flowers change from season to season. The print from Valentino is catchy, the flowers are large, similar to the colors copied from the bed linen or wallpaper of the grandmother’s bedroom.


Black tight-fitting tees are especially relevant. Not as part of the image and the bottom layer, but as an independent element that attracts attention and emphasizes sexuality.


If the Isabel Marant brand showed different metallic colors in its summer collection, then other designers, for example, Valentino, preferred silver.


Neon fades, in the Hermès collection it is shown with a small splash against the background of neutralizers and achromats. A neon belt will suffice to be part of the outgoing trend. Balmain shows off skirts, blouses and even neon suits.

Neon shades


Neon shades

Panama for Summer 2021

What should be the panamas next summer? Like Versace – bright and colorful. By the way, notice how the brand’s stylists combine bright socks with flip flops.

Women's fashion spring-summer


Men's Fashion 2021


I would call this trend non-holiday feathers because the designers of Koche, No. 21 propose to inscribe feathers in the image is absurd and, by the way. They suggest wearing things decorated with feathers with neutral basic clothing. In the spring-summer 2021 season, feathers can be ranked among the important fashion trends. At the same time, feathers do not have to be natural at all, today there are many artificial options, so outfits with feathers are inexpensive and birds remain safe and sound.

Patchwork bright

Not only Dolce & Gabbana showed bright patchwork as a print and mood in its spring-summer collection. Clothing of this color helps to hide figure flaws, because it takes all the attention. Patchwork is not the first season with us, but in the spring and summer of 2021 it can be included in the list of especially important trends. Patchwork in fashion continues to evolve, this opens up the possibility of creative experiments for us.

Strapless dress

Laconic strapless dresses like Chloe and No. 21 – a trend in the style of minimalism. They look sexy, but calm due to the length of the midi.

Bulky shoulders: an important trend in 2021

The trend for voluminous shoulders smoothly passed from winter to spring, and it is proposed to provide summer dresses with massive shoulder pads. Find inspiration from the brands Balmain, Cinq à Sept, Etro, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and many more. Broad shoulders are one of the main trends for 2021.

Bulky shoulders trend
Bulky shoulders trend


Every summer the strip is relevant, but this season it is not a classic nautical one, but black and white, like in the Chocheng and Cividini collections, or colored, like in Dolce & Gabbana.

Transparency in fashion spring-summer 2021

Transparent elements of images have been shown on the catwalk by many brands. Fendi demonstrates that not only slender girls can fit this trend into their wardrobe, but also curvy ones. Transparency is by no means new, especially in the summer season and evening dresses, but in 2021, dresses and other elements of women’s wardrobe with transparency are forming an especially relevant fashion trend. The main thing is not to overdo it, because transparency is not appropriate everywhere, and is good in moderation.

Retro denim

Mark Fast and Isabel Marant showcased denim suits with mini skirts. They look “old”, evoke memories.

Shirt to shirt

No.21 shows another example of summer layering. To do this, one shirt can be worn on top of another. This non-standard combination has already caught the fancy of trendsetters. Today, this combination looks quite appropriate, because wide shoulders are in fashion. Putting a shirt on a shirt, you can achieve a figure with very wide shoulders without additional shoulder pads.

Not all girls want to make themselves a bully, but this trend can come in handy for men. Putting on a shirt over a shirt, you can achieve a more athletic figure in an instant.

Sundresses and layering

Not just sundresses with thin straps, not silk slip dresses, but sundresses with wide straps. Christian Dior suggests pairing them with short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts. This look clearly demonstrates that fashion is changeable, combinations with T-shirts are already in the past.


Isabel Marant and Simona Marziali demonstrate that both long and short sundresses are relevant.

Black sundresses

Particular attention should be paid to black mini sundresses, like those of Alberta Ferretti and Coperni. The form in the spring-summer season of 2021 is more important than the principles of combination, since you cannot wear a lot on yourself in the summer.

Safari spring-summer 2021

Alberta Ferretti and even Max Mara collections are inspired by the safari style. Safari has a lot in common with military, but nobler, more intelligent and more mature. Originally, the safari style originated from the military uniform, but has evolved and now offers us very sophisticated images.

Safari style is in fashion

Gray hoodies

Gray oversized sweatshirts work easily, both in grunge style and sportswear. N21 showed that a gray hoodie can even be worn with a feather skirt. Gray goes well with all the colors in the wardrobe.

Strange folds in the chest area

Asymmetric folds in the chest area are a strange and controversial micro trend for me. You might not have noticed it, but it is present not only in the collections of Acne Studios and Anteprima. In my opinion, the chest in such a story looks ugly. You need to be able to wear such controversial trends in order to look fashionable and unusual, and not funny and ridiculous.

Tracksuits 2021

Athletic style has long been in vogue, with real tracksuits not frequent on the catwalk, but Versace, Mark Fast, Celine and Iceberg show how sportswear can look chic.

Woman's sport Customs
Woman's sport Customs

Strange prints

For those who are tired of standard prints, I suggest paying attention to zombie prints. The colors are associated with blood, bruises.

Tops and bras, as an independent element of the image

If in the current season short tops were allowed to be worn with high-waist trousers, then in the next season the options for their combination are varied. Is it appropriate in the city to wear a cropped top with low-rise trousers without an additional top layer? I doubt.

Although many designers see spring-summer 2021 fashion this way. We are offered to wear crop tops and bras as an independent element of the image. The choice of these outfits in the new collections is simply huge, so we assign crop-tops and bras to the all-important fashion trend of 2021. Wear it or not, it’s up to you. Militta recommends that you think 7 times before deciding to embody this trend in your everyday looks.

Somewhere in Tahiti it is quite appropriate to dress like this, but in Russian cities, especially small ones, such a trend may not only look strange, but create problems …

Women's fashion spring-summer

Tunics with belt

Along with the short top, tunics are back in fashion. Chloe advises wearing tunics with a belt.

Shawl patterns

Skirts and dresses, as if sewn from large scarves, as at the Etro show, are relevant. Life hack: scarves, even branded ones, are inexpensive in the resell market. You can buy several scarves and sew a trendy item yourself.

Wide pants

Wide straight men’s trousers, in the women’s collections Boss Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo and Chloe. Such trousers can be either part of a suit or an independent wardrobe item, they look gorgeous in a pair with actual T-shirts.

Shorts with jacket

Edward Crutchley includes suits and shorts in both pajamas and business styles in his Spring / Summer 2021 collection. The trend for costume shorts is long-lasting, it has already been appreciated by stylists, for example, Alexander Rogov often wears such shorts in sets with hoodies, jackets and shirts.

Fashion for summer 2021

Shorts without jacket

Shorts are also popular because high socks are still in fashion, they are loved and are happily worn with sneakers. Shorts in spring collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Dior Men, Iceberg and others.

Fashion for summer 2021

Bright suits

Versace, Boss Hugo Boss in the next season propose to wear bright colorful suits with crop tops and generously smear hair with gel.

A trend story will not be complete without information on the current colors of the spring-summer 2021 season.

Fashionable colors according to Pantone

  1. Marigold. Warm orange color with a tinge of golden yellow.
  2. French blue. Pure blue, not saturated, but not muted either.
  3. Burnt coral. A muted warm coral shade.
  4. Serulin. Cold light blue sky.
  5. Lighting. Pure sunny yellow.
  6. Green ash. Menthol is back again.
  7. Raspberry sorbet. Delicate, slightly whitened crimson color.
  8. Mint. Mint green.
  9. Amethyst Orchid. Delicate lilac color.
  10. Rust. The color is similar to the reddish autumn foliage.
  11. Inkwell. Something in between black and dark blue, but it looks like a rich gray in appearance.
  12. Completely gray.
  13. Butter cream. Pastel color from a mixture of white pink and beige.
  14. Desert fog. Light orange color of quicksand.
  15. Willow. Brown with the addition of green.

Wearable trends for the spring-summer 2021 season: cutwork blouses, denim bicycles, leaky jeans, yellow in minimal doses, kimonos, T-shirts, short sundresses, safaris, tunics and shorts with socks.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya


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